Friday, November 28, 2008

Pettitte to Dodgers?

By now I`m sure you`ve heard that Pettitte's been talking to Torre and that ned Colletti is may have interest in him. I`m really skeptical of this. The Dodgers wouldn't even re-sign their own guy in Lowe who was much better last year than Pettitte, no way they`re going to give Pettitte what he`s looking for. I think Pettitte's just trying to gain some bargaining power with the Yankees.

That said, the Yankees do have to get a deal done with him soon . This could become serious if the Yankees don't a deal done with him soon. Houston is also still lurking out there. Maybe offer 11-12 million for 2009 with a player option for 2010 for about the same amount figuring that if Pettitte can't pitch he`s not going to want to stick around anyway.