Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Rotation, and more Peavy

It turns out the Yankees are now one of the teams that Peavy would approve a trade to. i`m going to amend my position on Peavy.

The Yankees are going to need 3 new starters (considering Mussina and Pettitte new since they are not guarenteed). Pettitte looks like he`ll be back as well. So they need two new pitchers. Ideally, they would re-sign Mussina and get Sabathia. I highly doubt that happens though. Derek Lowe would be my Plan B. However, if even he doesn't come or that`s not enough I would turn to Peavy. Burnett and Sheets get hurt to much to be trusted and Ryan Dempster just isn't good.

I don't want it to happen but he`s a better choice than Burnett.


Charlie said...

I wonder what cased him to change his mind

Nate said...