Friday, November 28, 2008

Third Peavy Team?

The latest rumor in the Jake Peavy sweapstakes is that Kevin Towers has found a third team to work with the Cubs and Padres on the Peavy trade. This probably isn't true, and if you`re not interested in pointless speculation on pointless speculation you should probably skip this post, on the other hand you then probably have no interest in the Hot Stove either.

Earlier I suggested Derrek Lee as an attractive trade option. Now we know that the Cubs are looking for ML ready pitching prospects. They also seem willing to deal Lee. Maybe Kennedy/Aceves+Coke+Matsui would get it done with the Yankees eating some of Matsui's salary for 2009. Then they send Kennedy/Aceves and Coke along with all the other prospects which were rumored for Peavy. Matsui can fill the void Lee would leave to some extent. Lee is an excellent first baseman as well as a good hitter. Then Swisher can move to LF or RF where he is excellent. If they want they can get into the Dunn/Texiera/Ramirez bidding as well and have Swisher and Damon split time in center.