Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yankees Sell Rasner To Japan

We all remember Darrell Rasner. He came up from Scranton to attempt to fill some holes in the rotation. He did his best, but to put it bluntly, he sucked. In 24 appearences, 20 starts, he had a 5.40 ERA. Anyway, today, the Yankees sold Rasner to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Pacific League for $1 million. Hopefully Sidney Ponson is next.


Charlie said...

thats only 97.4373965 million Japanese yen

why would the Yankees do this

It doesn't really make sense to me

That is about how much money Hank spends on strippers per month why would they make a white pitcher move to Japan for that

just let him rot in the minors

Charlie said...

Disregard that last comment

I just read Rasner said he wanted to pitch in Japan because he sucked here

my bad Hank

you get a free month of Strippers!!!

Nate said...

Why can't you write like a normal person

and not skip lines randomly

and did you actually figure out how much yen that is

or is that a made up number


Charlie said...

Cant write normally

Abused when little

caused me to write like this

it is a real number do you research before calling my numbers made up

type in 97.4373965 million Japanese yen to US Dollars in google

you will see

Nate said...

i didnt call your number made up i asked if it was made up or not

Anonymous said...

bunch of jerk offs