Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yanks Acquire Nick Swisher

As Charlie already said, the Yankees have traded for Nick Swisher. Like both Nate and Charlie I love this trade. Its strange how we heard nothing about this trade before it happened other than speculation on RAB (good job by them).

Swisher is a criminally underrated player. He's not the best hitter for average but he walks enough that his OBP stays high. He`s coming off a career low but that seems to be largely because of luck. His BABIP was a mere .251 last year. His EQA, even at its worst last year, was .267. With a bounceback in BABIP, which can be expected, he could get it back over .300 easily. The other aspect of this trade I love is Swisher's versatility. He play all three outfield positions as well as first base. Its not set in stone but I think he may be the answer for centerfield we`ve been looking for. He`s not a great defender in center but he`ll get the job done. He`s under control for a few more years and he`s not expensive at all.

They also got Kaneoaka Texiera. Also he`s still in the low levels of the minors, his stats look good and he could be yet another solid bullpen arm who may find his way to the majors. I don't know much about him but his stats are better than Nunez's, the other reliever in the trade. He`s not a big deal but I like him as a throw-in.

They gave up Jeff Marquez, Wilson Betemit, and Jhonny Nunez.

Marquez is a sinker-slider guy who was one of the Yankees top pitching prospects a year ago. However, his ceiling has never been very high and he had a bad, injury filled year in 2008. I don't mind giving him up at all.

Wilson Betemit we all know about. When he was traded for Proctor I liked it but he never amounted to anything with the Yankees (although neither did Procotor with the Dodgers). He doesn't hit much and his defense is middle of the road. Its easy to find guys like Betemit.

Jhonny Nunez was aquired at mid-season for Alberto Gonzalez. It was a low-level trade most people didn't even know about. He put up some okay numbers but he`s really nothing special. He`s probably about on par with Texiera. His numbers look a little worse than Texiera's though.

I love this trade, Cashman got a steal here.