Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Trade Idea

Another team who'd love to get one of the Yankees outfielders, particularly Xavier Nady, is the Braves. Talking to a few Braves fans I know last night (yes, their are Braves fans in New York) we managed to put together what they thought was a fair package.

First of all, the Yanks would get Martin Prado. Prado is a 25 year old super utility man. He hit .320/.377/.461 last year in his first full year in the majors. He probably won't repeat that but he`s a solid player and as a backup he is very good. Think of a Chone Figgins type, except he`s 25 with the potential to improve. You don't want him playing SS but in a pinch, he can handle it. Prado would strengthen the Yanks bench a ton and give them good insurance if Cano fails to bounce back.

Next, they`d get Brandon Jones. Jones was considered one of the Braves' best prospects a year ago and has the potential to be a very good corner outfielder one day. However, he was rushed and had an awful year last year. A change of scenery could help him recover next year, look at what it did for Jose Tabata. Their's a good buy low scenario here.

James Parr is another solid pitching prospect. He`s 22 and hit the major leagues just last year at the ago of 22. You can never have to many pitching prospects, even with Burnett and Sabathia locked up for the next few years. Most prospects, even at the AAA level never pan out and the best way to ensure success is to have a ton of them.

The Braves would be getting Xavier Nady of course. Currently in LF they have Matt Diaz coming off a bad injury riddled year. In RF they have Jeff Franceour who never saw a pitch he didn't like. Even if Nady reverts then he`d be an upgrade and their is always the chance he repeats 2008, 2009 is a contract year after all.

The Yankees get a young, cheap super-utility man in Prado, potentially a corner outfielder of the future in Jones, and yet more pitching depth in Parr. The Braves get a chance to compete in 2009 with a solid to good hitter. Nobody really stands out in this package but theirs a bunch of solid guys in here. Thoughts?