Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bad Contracts

Generally, a win is worth somewhere between 5 and 6 million dollars to the average team. The Yankees had 89 wins last year with a payroll of about 220 million dollars. That's pretty inefficient and a lot that is due to bad contracts they gave out to players who are no getting old and still earning a ton of money.

Thanks to the brilliance that is we can compare these player's worths to their actual contracts. They only have it up for hitters but that's better than anyone else has anyway. Its pretty pathetic to look at how few players aren't overpaid on the Yankees. Especially when compared to the Rays or Red Sox.

Here`s the projected Yankees starting lineup for next year (I`m sticking Damon in centerfield) with what they`re getting paid first and what they were worth last year second. Players that are overpaid are bolded. If the difference is insignificant then I didn't bold it:

C- Jorge Posada- 13.1/3.4

1B- Mark Teixeira- 22/30

2B- Robinson Cano- 1.8/3

SS- Derek Jeter- 15.9/21.6

3B- Alex Rodriguez- 27.6/28

RF- Nick Swisher- 3.9/3.6

CF- Johnny Damon- 17.4/13

LF- Xavier Nady- 16.3/3.4

DH- Hideki Matsui- 3.6/13.0

Its interesting that not many of these players are overpaid. However, in 2008 the Yanks were one of the least efficient teams in baseball. Many of their bad contracts that have been weighing them down for years left for free agency this year and were replaced with expensive but good players. I think in 2008 we will see a lot of this inefficiency erased.

Its also interesting to look at who is overpaid and the fact that Matsui and Jeter got their big contracts before Cashman got full control. Cano was only overpaid by a couple million and can be counted on for a bounceback year. The Posada signing was born of desperation and he should also bounceback and be much closer to his contract next year.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Charlie said...

very interesting post Mike

I would like to see more of this stat

yankeesguy said...

I don't believe the yankees will put damons weak arm in CF. Cash has already said he likes him on left.I think gardner is your CFer and swisher is your forth outfielder and back up firstbasemen, until the yankees trade Nady in July for whatever they need down the stretch. Then swish moves to right.

Rob Abruzzese said...

I think you're right about the Yankees trading Nady at the deadline. And like the Mets, they are probably going to regret it for a while.