Saturday, December 13, 2008

Going Forward

During the Winter Meetings the Yankees took care of most of their business. They got their two pitchers in Sabathia and Burnett and before that they solved their first base issue. They`ve also established that they`ll be keeping Cano and Damaso Marte.

Here's how the roster seems to be shaping up:

C: Jorge Posada
1B: Nick Swisher
2B: Robinson Cano
SS: Derek Jeter
3B: Alex Rodriguez
RF: Xavier Nady
CF: Brett Gardner (?)
LF: Johnny Damon
DH: Hideki Matsui

INF: Cody Ransom
4th OF: Melky Cabrera
Backup Catcher: Jose Molina
4th Bench Guy: ?

SP1: C.C. Sabathia
SP2: A. J. Burnett
SP3: Chien Ming Wang
SP4: Joba Chamberlain
SP5: Andy Pettitte (?)

CL: Mariano Rivera
SU: Brian Bruney
MR: Damaso Marte
MR: Jose Veras
MR: Edwar Ramirez
MR: Mark Melancon
LM: Dan Geise

This payroll is at an estimated 188 million dollars (check out the post on Pete Abraham's blog). This is about at the limit that they indicated the wanted. This is probably going to be your 2009 New York Yankees. The only things that remain to be decided are the Andy Pettitte situation, centerfield and the bench.

We should know about Pettitte soon. In many ways he will determine how they approach the rest of the offseason. I think it is telling that they are waiting to resolve the Mike Cameron situation until they figure out Pettitte over the weekend.

Scenario 1: Pettitte accepts 10 million dollar offer.

This is the optimal situation. It puts them right on the line in terms of going over their personal salary cap, they would be at 188 million and able to add maybe one more solid contract. Hopefully, a new centerfielder or a Delmon Young type backup outfielder. This would let them trade for Mike Cameron if the Brewers picked up a few million dollars and/or accepted Kei Igawa back in a trade.

Scenario 2: Pettitte goes elsewhere and the Yankees sign Lowe or Sheets.

Pettitte leaving would free up enough money for them to sign Ben Sheets or maybe Derek Lowe (Lowe might be pushing it a bit). However, then they can't really afford a new centerfielder or bench player unless they`re making the minimum, and then they wouldn't be worth the prospects it would take. I wouldn't love this situation but it would give them a ridiculous rotation.

Scenario 3: Pettitte goes elsewhere and the Yankees stick with Hughes/Aceves/Kennedy.

This would be the riskiest scenario but also the one with the most potential. This gives them enough money to get a good centerfielder. However, after getting burnt once by throwing the rookies into the fire I doubt this will happen. They`re better off just having Hughes come in when injuries inevitably occur.

I`m really hoping Scenario 1 but I`d be okay with Scenario 2 as well. Either way, this team should be very good for at least 2009.


bfadds said...

I am with you on the scenario situations. I would really like to see Andy return in '09... mainly because I'd get too much of a Brewer vibe from this team with CC, Cameron, and Sheets on it (would that've ever happened before?).

I also am excited/scared by Burnett (I take a look at his 2009 Yankee-enhanced fantasy value here).

Either way, the fingers are crossed that it's just pessimism.

Jack NYY said...

Dont be hatin on the Brew Crew