Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nick Johnson?

With the Yankees looking to add another bat to their lineup, some fans have speculated about trading for Nick Johnson. It seems like the Nationals really are going hard after Mark Texiera and if that fails they may look to sign Adam Dunn. If either of those guys are signed, then Nick Johnson would become very expendable to them with one year left on his contract worth about 6 million dollars

Johnson has displayed a tremendous amount of talent. When he`s healthy he's a lot like Mark Texiera with both a good glove and a middle of the order bat. For the money he`s getting paid in 2009 he`d be a great bargain and would easily help the offense recover to previous levels. His good defense also compensates for the move of Damon to center. If he`s healthy.

That's the biggest problem with Johnson and probably the reason why he`s so attractive in the first place. Every single year career, he has missed significant time due to injury. Its really insane. However, their's a question of how much time he will actually miss. If he has a year like 2008 then he can't really help much. However, their's a good chance he`ll have a year like 2007 or 2006 where he "only" misses 20-30 games. While its dissapointing, he can still help the team a ton, especially with a good backup first baseman.

It just so happens that a good backup first baseman is readily available in Ty Wigginton. So, would it be a terrible thing if Cashman took advantage of Jim Bowden's stupidity and sold him Kei Igawa and Phil Coke for Nick Johnson? Because Johnson's contract is so low, they could then afford an uber bench and sign both Ty Wigginton and Rocco Baldelli to cover for an injury prone team. It probably makes more sense to take the safe bet and just sign Adam Dunn, however, its a fun idea to toy around with.