Friday, December 12, 2008

Non-Tender Bench Options

As teams are making decisions on whether or not to offer contracts to some of their players, the list of non-tenders (courtesy of MLBTR) keeps growing. While most of those players are crap, one potentially useful bench option caught my eye: Ty Wigginton. He hits for a solid average, doesn't walk a ton, but it's enough to get by, and has some decent pop. His career OPS+ is 105, and he has posted an OPS+ over 100 each of the last four years. According to UZR, he is a solid outfielder and second baseman, but is below average at third and first. One obstacle to signing him, however, is that he may get an offer to start somewhere. (Also, look who else was non-tendered).


Mike NYY said...

I agree totally, Wigginton has posted EQA's over .280 the past 3 years and last he was over .290. He would give the team some great depth and could be a great value.

This is good enough to make a starting job on some teams though. Would he settle for being a nbackup.

Jack NYY said...

A little surprised to see Daniel Cabrera on that list, not because he`s good but he has the kind of stuff that scouts love. Bet the Mets pick him up.

Mike NYY said...

Yeah, Mets and Cabrera probably make some sense. Two other interesting guys were Joe Nelson and Chris Capuano.

Nelson was a reliever for the Marlins who was pretty god last year but before that never really did antyhing, strange taht NOW he would be released.

Capuano is recovering from TJ surgery but when he was healthy he was a midddle of the rotation type guy for the Brewers. He`d be great to add for some depth. However, he`ll get a spot in the rotation for some NL team (maybe the Bewers).

Jack NYY said...

Takashi Saito was also a weird sight. Anybody know what's wrong with him.

Anonymous said...

Saito is done, he had some crazy elbow injury and took some experimental treatment.

I guess it might not be a bad idea.