Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Problem With Teixeria

As Pete Abe states in this post their is going to be a problem with the Mark Teixiera signing. It probably means they don't have room for Andy Pettitte. This was the very reason why I preferred Adam Dunn. On the other hand, they could just forget about the budget and blow it up for one year and worry about payroll next year when they have even more contracts comign off with a weaker free agent class.

Their may be another option though. They could trade either Damon or Nady. Nady probably makes the most sense and might be able to bring back some value to replenish the diminished farm. Its jsut speculation but the Yankees ARE a business and DO have a budget.


Nate said...

But didn't the Yankees not have enough room for Teixeira after signing CC and AJ? I don't see why they still can't add Pettitte.

Mike NYY said...

They had enough room, but only if they chose not to sign Pettitte. People like Pete Abe were assuming Pettitte signed.

Like I said earlier, they were up to 170 million and were aiming for 190 million as the payroll. They could afford a Manny or Teixeira. Just not in addition to Pettitte. They COULD say to hell with it and sign Pettitte without making a trade since its just one year but it goes against what they`ve been saying..

John Olsen said...

first off fuckkk adam dunn he fuck pettite also 10 million dollars isn't enough for him they paid him 16 million last year after his hgh use fuck m start the youth movement if he doesn't want to go at 10

Nate said...

Mike, I agree it goes against what they have been saying, but given that we just signed Tex, I don't know how much truth there is to what they are saying. Also, I know, we're not getting Adam Dunn since we signed Tex, but he's still a great player and is my favorite non-Yankee.