Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sabathia to Giants

A couple days ago we heard that the Angels aren't after Sabathia as hard as rumored and that Mark Texiera is still their top priority.

Now another west coast team, the Giants, is being rumored to be preparing for a big offer for the ace pitcher. There's no way they willl go up to 140 million but it`ll be more than the Brewers offer of 100 million. I don't see them getting Sabathia. If the Yankees add just a bit more than their current offer than it`ll just be to much money for the Giants to go any farther.

Another interesting aspect is that Cain may become available if the Giants acquire Sabathia.


Charlie said...

The Giants also just added Renteria (two years and a reported $18 million), Jeremy Affeldt (two years, $8 million) and Bobby Howry (one year, $2.75 million). So they have already added approximately $16 million to their payroll.

They are a minor threat