Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Teixeira Deal

The Yankees third huge signing of the off-season got done today with their signing of Mark Teixeira. While most Yankees fans are excited about this for at least 2008, does it actually make sense long-term?

Personally, I think so. We all know this offense is getting older with them only going to have a few players under 30 in the starting lineup next year. Teixiera has the rare combination of both great hitting and fielding. He`s an athlete and is unlikely to have a fast Giambi-like decline which makes his contract an albatross. Most projections have him being worth about what his average anual salary is. He`s a long-term answer to the offense, not just a one or two year patch like Manny or Dunn.

Theirs a few other reasons they did this, as well. First of all, keeping him out of Boston definitely is a plus. The Yankees also see no other long-term options available. They have no real first base propsects in the minors and next year is a weak free agent class. The signings of Burnett and Sabathia also have an impact on this move. To sign Teixeira they essentially only have to give up a third round draft pick because they already signed two type A free agents. In other years they would have to give up a first round pick for a comparable player.

I`m a little embarrassed about this and their were better options. However, in a vaccum its a good move.