Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Teixeira Notes

Here`s a few notes on the Mark Teixeira signing:
  • The deal is basically 8 years for 180 million dollars. This keeps him up until his mid 30's.
  • Their is no opt-out as was previously reported.
  • He has a full no trade clause.
  • The average annual salary will be about 22-23 million dollars a year.
  • They`re planning on trading either Damon, Matsui, Nady, or Swisher to make room on the payroll.
  • Their bid was about 5-10 million dollars more than the Red Sox depending on who you`re asking.
  • I preferred Adam Dunn but I can't really complain about this signing.
  • The Yankees spending IS ridiculous and something really has to be done about it.


Nate said...

Why should something be done about their spending?

Mike NYY said...

Lets face it, they basically bought 3 of the top four free agents available this year. If the Rays had enough money don't you think they`d be in on this guy or Manny with their need for a DH?

They have a huge margin of error that other teams lack. I know about the teams that have won the world series in recent years. However, none of them have had any staying power. Unlike the two New York teams, Boston, the Cubs, and a few other teams who can just buy the best guy available and if that doesn't work out then they can just buy another guy the next year.

Mike NYY said...

Plus I`m sick of the whining

Nate said...

I understand a team like the rays cant compete with us financially, but its really not our fault that nobody goes to their games. We (Yankee Fans) fill up one of the bigger stadiums in the league, and pay ridiculous amounts of money for tickets, so don't we deserve to get something in return for all that money? We shouldn't curb our spending just because other teams don't have the kind of money we have. I'm all for spending a lot of money, as long as its spent intelligently, and I think the Teixeira contract is actually a pretty good one, as these things go. And embrace the whining, it means we've done well.

John Olsen said...

Another reason is the steinbrenners don't try and make any profit from the actual team, they lose money to win world series. Other owners in the league are mad cheap and refuse to pay up so they don't lose money. I say fuck em you gotta spend money to get money. Plus half the people in small market teams anyway don't care they have college football, Ny doesn't, Ny has the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

A salary floor would solve the problem of teams hanging on to their money. All teams have a small group of hardcore fans that get screwed over when the Yanks buy the best players.