Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trade Idea

We`re heading into January and most of the big free agents are already off the table. The Yankees have accomplished most of thier goals already. Now they may be looking to shed some payroll by trading one or two of Swisher/Nady/Damon/Matsui. Yesterday I outlined why Nady would make the most sense to be traded. Now, here`s my ideal trade scenario.

The Giants yesterday signed Randy Johnson to a one year deal. This adds to what was already a surplus of pitching. Their biggest problem is a lack of offense. They had one of the worst lineups in the league last year and, truthfully, are really missing Barry Bonds. They pretty much sucked last year but the Randy Johnson signing indicates they may be looking to compete in 2009 and in the NL West, anything can happen.

Jonathan Sanchez is a lefty with great stuff for the Giants. He`s coming off two bad years and the Giants may be willing to trade him. Hidden behind his high ERA's are some pretty nice periphereals. He's 25 years old and now would be a great time to buy low on him.

On the other hand, we have the Yankees. They`ve got a glut of corner outfielders and trading Nady makes a ton of sense for various reasons. Nady is coming off a career year and some are calling it his breakout year. Brian Sabean and the Giants could take a gamble on Nady hoping to get a star and compete in 2009. The Yanks could also throw in Phil Coke as a solid B level prospect.

So we have this:

Yankees Receive: Jonathan Sanchez

Giants Receive: Xavier Nady + Phil Coke

I`ll elaborate on the full impact of this trade later, I`m kind of tired right now. Think this is a fair trade guys?


Anonymous said...

Why give up on Nady? Matsui would make more sense. With the heavy population of Asians in the bay area,
Matsui would be a great draw. Even though he has a no trade clause, I believe he would waive it to go to the Giants. There is no need to sweeten the deal, Matsui staight up should suffice.

Mike said...


I'm not giving up a known commodity in Nady for a suspect pitcher. The Yankees have enough of them.

And to "Anonymous", unless the NL institutes the DH for 2009, why would the Giants trade away one of their pitchers for and older OF'er that is coming off of missing the better part of 2 seasons due to injury? If I were a Giant fan, I'd hate that deal.

Nate said...

Sabean says he wants someone signed beyond 2009, so that eliminates Nady. Link: Otherwise I think its a good idea, though I'm not as high on Sanchez as most people are, and I don't really think we have to trade an outfielder.

Mike NYY said...

Young left-handed starters who throw in the mid '90's don't grow on trees. It would give them a pretty incredible rotation as well.

When will people realize that nobody wants Matsui. He can't field and is a HUGE injury risk. Unless they pick up like half of his contract it would make no sense.

Sabean also seemed to say he would consider trading for a guy with a contract that ends after 2009. GM's tend to lie quite a bit so I wouldn't count this out at all.

jackinthebox said...

Love this idea and now Sabean is considering trading him. The reds also may have some interest. Homer Bailey?