Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where will Peavy Go?

The potential Peavy to the Cubs trade is "on life support." It looks like Kevin Towers has done exactly what Bill Ryan did last year with Johan Santana. After alienating the Braves and now possibly the Cubs, the Padres are kind of screwed.

For them to go into the year with Peavy still on the roster would be an awkward situation for them. Since he has a long time left on his contract, its possible but they won't want to give him a chance to lower his trade value.

Call me crazy, but I think we may see the Brewers jump in on this. They`re probably going to lose their two aces and Peavy may be the perfect guy for them with his below market deal. The Angels may also be a good trade partner, especially if they lose out on both Texiera and Sabathia. It still don't see the Yankees getting involved unless they lose out on Sabathia. However, if his price changes, or Lowe proves to be to expensive, then you never know.