Monday, December 1, 2008

Yankees Offer Arbitration to Nobody

That's right, nobody. Pettitte, Abreu, Mussina, and Pudge all could have been offered arb, but the Yanks chose no to, citing economic reasons. They did not want to risk signing these guys to big contracts. I do not understand this. I think Abreu was unlikely to accept, as he wants a three year deal, and even if he did accept, Bobby Abreu on a one year deal isn't the worst thing in the world. I can understand not offering arbitration to Pudge, because he may have accepted, and Moose is retired, and I still think Pettitte is likely to re-sign with the Yanks. However, I do not understand why Bobby Abreu wasn't offered arbitration. Two draft picks is well worth the risk, especially considering the Yankees will likely give up a lot of draft picks since they would like to make a splash in the free agent market this year.


bronxbaseballdaily said...

If they thought they were going to do this they should have not resigned Marte and instead offered him arbitration.

Last years draft was decent but shallow. They need a bigger crop this year and they're blowing it.

Charlie said...

stupid stupid stupid

Mike NYY said...

I`m seriously dissapointed by this. Who in god's name would you not offer arbitration to Abreu???!!!

Their's little to no chance that he accepts. Even if he does, is Abreu at about 18 million for one year really that terrible? I`m really worried about this offseason now. They had a chance to have a monster draft and now they will get no more than 1 first round pick (unless they sign nobody).

The farm is starting to run dry again with the loss of Tabata, Ohlendorf, Marquez, and others who have been traded. Not to mention that a lot of guys will be reaching their test at the ML level this coming year. As BBD said, last year's draft wasn't awful but it is largely based on Brackman who won't be ready for a LONG time, they have to restock the farm and this was their big chance. In my opinion, they blew it big time here.