Monday, December 29, 2008

Yanks Shopping Nady

We missed this yesterday but Mike Silva reported that the Yanks are shopping Xavier Nady. They asked the Reds about Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang. Arroyo has been the definition of average for the past few years. He eats a ton of innings but I don't see how he`s any better than Pettitte. Especially in the AL East. On the other hand, we have Harang who is coming off a bad year but has been an underrated pitcher on the same level as Wang. Harang is under contract for another few years and would really give the Yanks an incredible rotation. For Nady I`d have to make that trade. The Reds are reluctant to give up either for a player with only one year left on his contract. This seems to be the problem with trading Nady. Nobody wants to give up pitching for a one year rental.

He puts the chances of Pettitte returning at only 30 percent which may be motivating their interest in trading Nady.