Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yanks to wait on Cameron?

Supposedly, the Yanks and Brewers have agreed on a deal based around Melky Cabrera and Kei Igawa with the Brewers willing to take on some of Cameron's salary. However, now they`re backing away. Mainly because they read RAB's post on the subject and think it makes more sense to wait on it. Or they want the Brewres to pay more of his contract. The Brewers haven't heard anything from New York over the weekend and are wondering if they still have any interest. Its up to the Yankees now.

I don't understand why they`re not jumping on this. Factoring in Igawa's contract they`re getting Cameron for 6 million dollars for one year. Then if they`re paying even one or two million dollars then they`re getting Cameron for 4-5 million dollars for one year for Igawa and Cabrera. It probably means they can't afford a big hitter like Ramiez or Texiera. Hoever, Cameron is a bigger upgrade over Gardner then Ramirez or Texiera would be over Matsui or Swisher.


Nate said...

And they could still probably sign Dunn

Mike NYY said...

Not so sure about that.

The Yanks probably have about 172 million dollars committed for 14 players so far. Hoepfully then, Pettitte signs his 10 million dollar deal. So you`re up to 182 million. Then you have to figure on the other players making the minimum. That's worth about 6 million, maybe a little more.

So you`re up to 188 million dollars already. Then if you pick up Cameron for 3.5 million (10 million minus Igawa's contract, 2 milion from the Brewers, and .5 million from Gardner).

So then you`re up to 191.5 million which is about what they were looking to get to. Actually, its a little high but its close enough.

I would like to see some more help on offense but they need to get creative to do it. Any ideas?

Jack NYY said...

Damon had the highest EQA of his career last year. We could sell high on him to clear some payroll for Dunn.

I`d love to see them dump Matsui's salary.

Swisher can play LF and Dunn can play first.

Mike NYY said...

I like the idea. However, both Matsui and Damon have NTC. I`ve pretty much given up on my dream of seeing Dunn slug behind A-Rod. If you don't get Pettitte then you can get Dunn. However, pitching comes first and you`d have to clear way for Dunn by dealing Swisher, Damon, or Matsui.

However, their are ways to bolster the offense without breaking the bank. I`ll be getting into more detail with those in some later posts.