Friday, October 31, 2008

Abreu Arbitration

The Yanks will be offering Abreu arbitration. This is an obvious move. If he accepts you can't really complain and you just move Matsui or Damon to first base. If he declines then you get 2 draft picks rather than nothing.

In other news Hank said the Yanks will consider Manny. For the right price I like it but any more than 3 years makes it a bad move for me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Congratulations to the Phillies

Congratulations to the 2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Mets fans will be thoroughly pissed off.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The general opinion in baseball is that Sabathia will sign with the Yankees.

They also may have interest in Matt Holliday. I don't see the point. He`ll get an expensive extension after the year anyway so why not just sign Texiera or Dunn?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Writers Block

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days but I just haven't had anything to write about. I`ve kind of just been enjoying the World Series.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Derrek Lee

Derrek Lee may be available this offseason. The Cubs may be looking to shed the 26 million they owe him over the next 2 years. Could he be a good plan B if Dunn or Texiera aren't signed? He`s a solid hitter (about a .285 EQA last year) and, by all accounts, an excellent fielder. He wouldn't cost much in terms of prospects either.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cano for Cain?

I just read this article on NoMaas, in which Lane Meyer makes the case for a trade of Robinson Cano to San Francisco for Matt Cain. I strongly recommend reading the article, because Lane makes a very interesting case, and says it much better than I can. To summarize, Cain is a young, durable, talented young arm under control for the next three years. I love Cano, but this trade does seem to make a lot of sense. The only question I would have about a trade like this is whether or not this would be selling low on Cano, considering he is coming off such a poor year. However, I think Cain is a good bounty for Cano, even if last year had never happened. Considering there is a replacement availible on the free agent market in Orlando Hudson, I think this trade is both realistic and beneficial for both teams.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Joba Says Sorry

"I want to apologize to the New York Yankees and the fans for an error in judgment and for putting myself in a difficult situation," read a statement released by his agents. "I intend to properly resolve this situation, and do not intend to be in such a situation again. My goal is to focus on pitching for the Yankees in the 2009 season."
Joba is a good kid, do not judge him by this youthful mistake. 


Jake Peavy

Perhaps the Yankees are serious about their pursuit for Jake Peavy, they are listed as one of the three frontrunners for him along with the Dodgers and Braves.

This strikes me as very weird, I doubt Kevin Towers would trade Peavy to a division rival like the Dodgers? I would also think that the Braves would be going into rebuilding mode now. However, the Braves have been considered the favorites for a while now and I have to assume they are serious candidates.

Buster Olney's Rumors

Here`s a few Buster Olney rumors, some of them are very interesting to me.
  • He thinks that Texiera will probably go to the Yankees. When first reading this I wasn't happy but then I read that he believes the yankees offer would probably be about 6 years, 18-20 million per year. I doubt that would get it done but if it could then it`d be a very good signing. The key with Texiera is how many years, any more than 6-7 years and I`ll be upset with it.
  • He reinforces the idea that the Yankees will blow everybody else away, by 30-40% (!) in the C.C. Sabathia bidding. While I would love to get the guy I hope the Yankees stay fairly sane in this.

It seems like those rumors about wanting to bring payroll down to around 180 million dollars are unfounded. That`s probably not happening if they bring in both Sabathia and Texiera.

Matt Stairs Gets His Ass Hammered

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joba Arrested!?!?!?- DUI

Joba Chamberlain has been arrested for diving while drunk in Nebraska.

Joba Chamberlain was arrested for driving under the influence early Saturday morning near his hometown of Lincoln, Neb.

Deborah Collins, a spokeswoman for the Nebraska State Patrol, said that the 23-year-old Chamberlain was pulled over after being observed speeding in a 2006 BMW 750i shortly after 1 a.m. on U.S. 77.

Chamberlain was arrested after an odor of alcohol was detected and an open container of alcohol was observed on the front passenger seat. Chamberlain was taken to the Cornhusker Place Detox and booked on charges of driving under the influence, having an open container of alcohol and speeding


My first reaction is digust and dissapointment. Yes, he`s only 23 but he should know better. Both as a public figure and a human being he should know better.

"Dude, I'm Joba"

Heyman's Notes

Jon Heyman has a handful of Yankees rumors in his latest column.

He states that (obviously) the Yankees will be aiming for at least one top of the rotation starter. He mentions the obvious names, Sabathia, Lowe, Burnett, and perhaps Sheets. He also confirms that the goal is to get two of them.

Texiera will be a big target this year. I don't like this at all. The contract length scares me. He mentions Manny Ramirez as a backup plan. However, that contradicts Cashman's staement that he wants a first baseman at first base. I would prefer Manny to Texiera but I don't like him either. I was dissapointed that Adam Dunn was not mentioned. Giambi is probably gone.

They`re looking for an upgrade in centefield, presumably through trading. He mentions Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy, although I doubt Hughes would be dealt for a centerfielder.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Its official, Joba will be a starter in 2009.

Thank god.

More Peavy

The Yankees really are interested in Jake Peavy after all. I have to say, I don't see this happening. We don't even know if Peavy would come to the Yankees. The Padres are looking for 2 pitchers and a centerfield prospect. Hughes+Jackson+Kennedy may be able to get it done.

If we fail to sign three of Sabathia, Lowe, Mussina, and Pettitte then I think they may have to pull the trigger on that deal, perhaps even add a bit more. Pettitte looks like he`s coming back so they need two of Sabathia, Lowe, and Mussina now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Brian Cashman has stated that the Yankees have no side agreements with any free agents to decline or accept arbitration if it is offered. So the best we can do is guess. Personally, I would offer it to Abreu, I-Rod (only if he`s type A), and Mussina. I would offer to Marte if we don't pick up his option.

Pettitte to Return?

I`m a little late on this one but Buster Olney is reporting that Pettitte`s agents have told the Yankees that Andy wants to come back. I`d be very happy if this is true. The rotation is a huge question mark and Pettitte would be a welcome addition. No, he`s not what he used to be but he`s still a solid innings eater. His BABIP also indicated he was very unlucky.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ALCS A Victory For The Civil Rights Movement?

In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "I have a dream" speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Twenty-five years later, the Tampa Bay Rays appear to be on the verge of defeating the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS. The BoSox are historically a very white team (they were the last team to integrate) and currently have just six minorities on their roster, and just one in their starting lineup. The Rays meanwhile, have eleven minorities, and start six with regularity. Boston has a reputation as a racist city, and it is great to see Dr. King's dream has finally come true. As I look into the stands of Fenway Park and see a panorama of white, waspy faces, a tear rolls down my cheek as I realized the plight of the African-American is closer to being lifted.

(Note: This is satirical, please do not take me seriously. But really, as Ken Rosenthal pointed out today, the Red Sox are a really really Caucasian team.)

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Meacham is Gone

Third base coach Bobby Meacham and special pitching instructor Rich Monteleone will not be returning for the 2009 season. Meacham was one of Joe Girardi's additions to the coaching staff and was with Girardi when he managed the Marlins in 2006. I personally do not have an opinion on Meacham but Mike will be happy to see him go.

Hitting coach Kevin Long is the only coach from last year's staff who has a contract for next season.

The Replacements:
  • Larry Bowa= God No 
  • Willie Randolf= He got fired from the Mets
  • Chuck Norris= Hell Yes

I don't WANNA go

Monday, October 13, 2008

Scott Proctor To Have Surgery On Right Elbow

We all remember how much Joe Torre used Scott Proctor last year and the year before. He used him so much that Brian Cashman had to trade Proctor away as part of his "Torre-proofing" of the bullpen. Well, Joe loved him so much he followed Proctor to LA after the Yankees let him go. Now Scott will be undergoing surgery on a partially torn flexor tendon in his throwing elbow. Say what you will about Joe Girardi, he definitely manages the bullpen way better than the old Joe.

The Payroll

MLB Trade Rumors put out the Yankees edition of their "Offseason Outlook" series of posts. Basically, the Yankees should have about 145 million dollars tied up going into the offseason counting arbitration raises, for whatever reason they assumed Marte's option would be picked up. They`re aiming to lower payroll to about 180-185 million dollars. They need to sign/re-sign at least two, ideally three, starting pitchers, they need a first base man, and they need a centerfielder. If possible I`d also like to shore up that bench.

In my previous plan I suggested making these signings, trades, and re-signings without really thinking about payroll:

Re-sign Mike Mussina (7 million)
Re-sign Andy Pettitte (7 million)
Sign Adam Dunn (16 million)
Sign Casey Blake (9 million)
Sign either C.C. Sabathia, or Derek Lowe (22 million or 15 million)
Trade Kennedy, Aceves, Wright, and Melky for David DeJesus (2 million)

These estimated salaries would add up to 56-63 million dollars in added payroll. This brings things all the way up to about 201-208 million million dollars for a 2008 payroll. Although I`m not sure that the 180-185 million dollar cap will be that strictly enforced, I doubt they`ll be all the way up to 210 million dollars.

So how do we cut down on payroll? Firstly, I don't think both Mussina will be back. That brings things down to 194-201 million dollars which is a slight improvement. If Mussina does come back then it probably makes it easier to negotiate with Pettitte if he is willing to come back as well. Trading Damaso Marte could also bring payroll down 7 million dollars. He might bring back some solid prospects. That brings things down to 187-194 million dollars. If they didn't sign Casey Blake it would also bring things down to 178-185 million dollars, right in the range. I don't see them hitting that 180-185 million dollar range.

If I`m the Yankees I just try and bring the payroll down to that 187-193 million dollar range. They should be able to continue bringing down payroll as more bad contracts come off and cheap prospects move into their spots. They shouldn't try and do to much in one year and hurt their chances for the playoffs.

Mike Cameron

I`m usually against signing players that are as likely to get hurt as Mike Cameron. However, I thinnk he would be a very good signing if they can't trade for a centerfielder. Cameron is a good hitter for a centerfielder and though its declined, his defense is still above average. Brett Gardner and Austin Jackson both should probably get some major league time anyway so his potential injury isn't a HUGE deal. I doubt he`ll cost much either because of his injury history.

I`d greatly prefer a trade for a guy like David DeJesus. However, Cameron is a better option than trusting Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Adrian Gonzalez

Pete Caldera believes that the Yankees are considering trading for Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez is under contract for 2009 and 2010 for a very low amount of money, he`s put up very good numbers the past two years, he`s fairly young, and is a good fielder. The numbers look good on their own, however, they are even more impressive when considering the home park he plays in. Gonzalez could be a long term solution for the Yankees. His favorable contract may also allow the Yankees to sign two free agent starters as they appear to want to. Would you give up Phil Hughes and another prospect or two for Gonzalez? Its a tough call but I think I would.

If you want to get insane then could the Yankees get both Gonzalez and Peavy in a huge mega-deal? Hughes+Cano+Montero+Kennedy+another prospect maybe? Then the Yankees would go out and sign Mike Cameron, Orlando Hudson, Casey Blake, and C.C. Sabathia or Derek Lowe. It decimates the farm but both Gonzalez and Peavy are young and relatively cheap. Keep in mind this is just rampant speculation on my part and I haven't thought this through that well.

Sojo Back?

The much maligned Bobby Meacham looks likely to be fired this offseason. I`m okay with this though I`d rather just move him to a different role. Maybe just switching him and Tony Pena.

However, the big problem I have is with his potential replacement. Luis Sojo is being considered. We all remmeber how bad Sojo was at third base coach a few years ago. Don't replace a problem with another problem.

Damaso Marte

Damaso Marte has consistently been one of the best left-handed relievers in baseball. However, he struggle in his brief time with the Yankees. He has a 7 million dollar option for 2008. If they want they could decline the option and offer arbitration to hopefully get a first and sandwhich round draft pick for him.

I think they should just pick up the option. They might be able to get more by trading him then by declining the option. Relievers like Marte who are good year after year are rare. Most guys are up and down.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More Peavy

Jake Peavy has said that their are only three 3 AL teams he would waive his no trade clause to play for. One of them could be the Yankees. Again, I don't think any trade would be worth it for Peavy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More on Tazawa

The NPB (Japanese league) and MLB have reached an agreement about Japanese amateurs moving to MLB. Any Japanese amateurs who decides to play in MLB will be banned for 3 years from playing in NPB. I don't see how this will make a difference. They`ll just ask for a 3 year contract. Its not unheard of to see drafted players get 3 year deals.

Sabathia and the Union

Ken Davidoff believes C.C. Sabathia may feel pressure from the players union to go to the highest bidder.

2 Pitchers?

The Yankees are planning on trying to get two of the four big free agents this year, Sabathia, Lowe, Burnett, and Sheets. This would indicate that at least one of Pettitte and Mussina will be retiring. I`m unsure about this. If the two are Sabathia and Lowe then I`d be fine with it. Hughes could use the AAA time. However, Burnett and Sheets WILL get hurt. I`m doubtful of this rumor anyway. If the Yankees really want to get their payroll around 180-185 million dollars then it`ll be tough to do this and sign a first baseman.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to Fix the Yankees

After much thought I decided to make a ridiculously long post on my plan to fix the Yankees. I made this as realistic as possible. Which means I only suggested one relatively minor trade and it doesn't involve Jake Peavy coming over for Melky Cabrera and Phil Coke. Also, keep in mind that the Yankees can only sign two type A free agents I think. I`m not positive but I`m pretty sure. I would love some comments on this and I promise I`ll respond. First I`ll make a list of the moves I would make, then I`ll go through the roster position by position. If I were Brian Cashman here are the moves I would make:

  • Re-sign Mike Mussina (unlikely)
  • Re-sign Andy Pettitte (hopeful)
  • Offer Abreu arbitration
  • Pick up Marte's option
  • Let Giambi walk
  • Let I-Rod walk
  • Leave Joba in the rotation
  • Sign Adam Dunn
  • Sign Casey Blake
  • Sign either C.C. Sabathia, or Derek Lowe
  • Trade Kennedy, Aceves, Wright, and Melky for David DeJesus
  • Fire Bobby Thomson, move Bobby Meacham to bench coach
  • Hire Willie Randolph for first base coach, move Tony Pena to third base coach

Catcher: The biggest question here is how many games Posada can play. Jose Molina is a solid backup with his great defense. They really don't have any other options. I`m worried about the long term situation here. Montero and Romine are far away from the majors. They could consider a trade for one of the Rangers' catchers. However, that`s unlikely and may not be a good move

Third Base: No worries here. A-Rod in a bad year is still amazing.

Shortstop: I`m a little worried about Jeter`s long term future but their`s nothing they can do. Jeter`s fielding is still awful and his hitting is in decline. Next year will be a big one for him.

Second Base: This year will be a big one for Cano. If he plays well then he could re-establish himself as a top second baseman. However, if he has another year like he did in 2008 we may have to look at him the same way we do Melky. However, his BABIP seems to indicate he will bounce back. Kevin Long adjusted his batting stance at the end of the year which also seemed to help. I still love his glove as well. It`d be a mistake to trade Cano right now.

First Base: Possibly the biggest question mark this offseason. Their`s a number of different combinations they could use which I will go over in more detail in a later post. I`m for signing Adam Dunn. People compare him to Giambi, which is fair. However, he`s a much better version of Giambi. He`s a slightly below average fielder and a top tier hitter. Adam Dunn would be a perfect acquistion.

Right-Field: Abreu should be gone now. He shouldn't get a three year deal. Nady can take his place. He`ll probably bounce back to earth from his career year in 2008. However, he`s still a solid player and is cheap.

Center-Field: Another huge question. I definitely think the Yankees need to trade for a centerfielder. I don't trust Gardner and Melky at all. Since I`m unwilling to trade Cano, David DeJesus may be the best option. Kennedy+Aceves+Wright+Melky should get the deal done. DeJesus is not a great centerfielder but he hits, is cheap, and until Austin Jackson is ready he should get the job done.

Left-Field: Damon should fill this role. Ideally, I would trade him while his value is high. However, they need him for next year. He`s a good leftfielder despite his arm and is a solid hitter. The only problem with him is that he`s guarenteed to miss time.

Designated Hitter: Matsui can't play left anymore. He`ll probably fit in here. This next year will be a big one for him, he`s a free agent after 2009. I think he can still hit fairly well. However, he`s also a major injury concern.

Backup Catcher: Molina is a pretty good backup. Its very hard to find a good backup catcher but Molina at least fields well. He showed signs of decline last year in extended playing time and he`s no substitue for Posada. However, he`s the best they have.

4th Outfielder: Brett Gardner is a good fielder and could be a pinch-runner. I don't have high expectations for him long-term. However, as a 4th outfielder he`s pretty good. At some point Austin Jackson may be able to move into this spot.

Infielder/Outfielder: I would advocate signing Casey Blake for this. He can rotate through the many positions he plays and get enough playing time that he`d be essentially a regular. Somebody is sure to get hurt and rather than let injuries kill you like last year, why not sign a backup you can trust for an extended period of time? If they gave him a few extra million dollars he could certainly adjust to rotating through different positions.

Backup First Baseman: Juan Miranda could be a solid pinch hitter off the bench. He kills righties and I really see no better way to use this roster spot.

SP1: C.C. Sabathia would ideally fill this spot. He could be the best pitcher to ever hit free agency. The Yankees should throw all the money they can at him. If he says no thanks then they need to try and get Derek Lowe. Lowe is a solid innings eater you can trust. Burnett and Sheets are flashier but not as trustworthy.

SP2: If Sabathia is signed then Wang could fill the role he should be willing, rather than be forced into the role of ace. He should be healthy and counted on for 200 solid innings. The only problem with Wang is that he`s reliant on luck as a ground ball pitcher. He showed signs that he could be growing less reliant on ground balls before 2008. If this is a trend then its certainly a good thing.

SP3: Joba belongs here. If the Yankees' doctors believe he can handle starting, I`m not going to argue. Also, does anybody seriously still think he`s more valuable in the bullpen?

SP4: I`d be surprised if Pettitte did not re-sign. He`s a valuable innings eater. The Yankees need that type of player. He seems to want to keep pitching as well.

SP5: Mussina I`m more doubtful about. Girardi said it seems like he`s leaning towards retirement. If he wants to come back I`d be willing to give him three years at about 7 million a year. He`s reinvented himself and could be a good pitcher for a few more years. If not, then they`re going to have to try Hughes again.

Bullpen: The bullpen is actually a strength for once. The Yankees need to continue trying out guys with good arms and seeing who works. Mark Melancon is clearly a guy to watch. Keep praying that Rivera stays healthy.

First Base

Going in to next year, the Yankees have two main holes at first base and centerfield. Today, I will look at the options for first base.
  • Internal Options: These are not very good. The possibilities are pretty much Shelley Duncan and Juan Miranda. Neither of these two guys are good enough to play everyday, so if first base came down to players from within the system it would probably be a platoon. However, if it were to come down to that, it would be better to just...
  • Re-sign Giambi: Jason has a $22 million option for next year, with a $5 million option, so it is basically a $17 million question. Giambi has been great for the Yankees over his contract, even despite the lost seasons of 2005 and 2007. However, he will be 38 next year, and it is time to move on. On the other hand, if the Yankees are unable to sign a replacement, one more year of Giambi would be okay.
  • Mark Teixeira: Clearly the best all-around option for first base, but there are questions about the contract he wants. He is a Scott Boras client, and there have been reports that he wants an A-Rod type contract. I would be opposed to a contract of that length and magnitude, instead would advocate the signing of...
  • Adam Dunn: While he is nowhere near the fielder of Teixeira, he is very close to him offensively. What is more attractive is that will probably require a much shorter and less-expensive contract than Teixeira. Also, he can play the outfield occasionally, and with Matsui leaving after 2009, he could be moved to DH after just one season at first, allowing Jorge Posada to move to move to first, which will probably be necessary in the near future.
  • Trade: Really the only first basemen I have seen as a legitimate trade candidate is Prince Fielder. While it would be great to acquire Prince, I don't think the Yankees would be willing to part with the prospects necessary to get that deal done.
  • Xavier Nady: Nady has experience at first base, and the Yankees could instead opt to put the X man at first and instead sign a right fielder. Candidates for that job would probably be Dunn, Burrell, Abreu, Raul Ibanez, and Juan Rivera.
My choice from the above would be Adam Dunn, but I'm sure many of you disagree. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Monday, October 6, 2008

"What An Idiot!"

Magglio Ordonez?

Mgglio Ordonez is getting paid a lot of money and it doesn't look like the Tigers will compete in 2009. He will probably be on the trade block and the Yankees could be interested.

Rather than hand out a long term deal to Adam Dunn, Manny Ramirez, or Mark Texiera, the Yankees could trade for Ordonez. He has 18 million dollars due to him in 2009, an option for 18 million for 2010, and an option for 2011 for 15 million. I doubt it will happen, it would force Matsui or Damon to first base which Cashman doesn't want. However, it`s an interesting idea.


The Pirates would not trade Nate McLouth for Robinson Cano. They would need to be blown away to trade away McLouth. I`d be surprised to see him dealt now. I still say the Yankees need a centerfielder though. Maybe David DeJesus should be the new target?

Sunday, October 5, 2008


C.C. Sabathia is going to consider all teams as a free agent this offseason. If this is true I`d be shocked to see him not come to the Yankees. However, its quite possible this is just a negotiating scheme by Sabathia.

Jake Peavy?

Ken Davidoff thinks Jake Peavy could be traded to the Yankees.

At first glance its exciting, but then I started thinking about what it would take to get him. Peavy is an ace who is under a relatively short contract, his salary is low considering how good he is, and he`s not a free agent for a few more years. To get Peavy it would take something like Hughes, Cano, Jackson, and Kennedy. The Yankees can't afford to make a deal like that. They have to many holes to focus all of their prospects on one guy, no matter how good. Another factor to consider is the limit on how many Type A free agents you can sign. I think this year its two.

Unless both Pettitte and Mussina re-sign and they sign a free agent starter, Hughes will probably be the Yankees 5th starter. Hughes is still the guy who was considered among the best prospects in baseball a year or two ago. Besides, trading for Peavy doesn't affect the need to sign either Sabathia or Lowe.

Cano's value is at its lowest right now. However, his potential is impossible to ignore. His contract is still favorable to the Yankees if he performs the way he should. He`s a great fielder and we all know about his hitting potential. His new batting stance may help him regain his form. If he`s traded they have no middle infield prospects who could come up any time soon to take his place. They`ll need to sign a guy like Orlando Hudson who`s old and an injury risk. Right away that`s your two Type A free agents.

Jackson is hopefully the Yankees future centerfielder. Some think he may be ready by August of 2009. I think this may be a bit optimistic. However, I do have high hopes for him. If the Yankees make this trade it also makes it very hard to make another trade for a centerfielder. Do you really want to go into the year relying 100 percent on Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner? They would also have no other long term option in sight.

Kennedy's ceiling is still only a #3 or #4 guy. He obviously isn't ready yet either. I think he has a much better chance of succeding in the NL, particularly in Petco. He`s not a big loss for the Yankees. However, he adds depth and is a valuable trade chip.

On top of all of this you are unable to sign a guy like Adam Dunn or Manny Ramirez to help out with the LF/1B/DH mess. The Yankees only need one of Jackson/Cano/Hughes to fulfill their potential to justify not making the trade. I had the same problem with the Santana trade. In general, blockbuster trades for guys like Peavy or Santana is a mistake.

Yankees Have Plenty Of Holes To Fill

Recently on this blog, we have been talking about impending free agents who the Yankees may or may not go after. The Yankees have a lot of players leaving who they need to replace, and should be busy this offseason. Here is an overview of where they stand this offseason:
C- Jorge
2B- Cano
3B- A-Rod
SS- Jeter
LF- Damon
RF- Nady
DH- Matsui

SP- Wang, Joba

I don't think there are any holes in the bullpen that can't be filled internally, so I didn't list it. The Yankees have said that Jorge will be able to catch 120 games next year, so until there is evidence to the contrary, I will assume that the Yankees do not need another catcher. Later in the week, I will go over possible ways to fill the holes at first, center, right, and in the rotation.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yankees To Build Another New Stadium

Big news for New York!

First Base

For the years now the Yankees biggest weakness in the lineup has been first base. This past year we got very good production from Jason Giambi. However, he`s looking for a multi-year deal and he`s a huge injury risk.

The most popular option is Mark Texiera. Clearly, he`s the best guy available and would change first base from a weakness to a position we can count on. However, he`s looking for a ten year deal. That would carry him through until he`s 38. He probably won't get that. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Angels try and make him the team's new franchise player with Geuerrero aging. They could easily give him 8 years. We already made that mistake with Giambi. As soon as we get out from under one bad deal do you want to give a new one out?

Adam Dunn is also popular. He`s a great and very underrated hitter. His style is very similar to Giambi. However, he`s better. His defense isn't great. However, its merely slightly below average instead of truly awful. He`s younger and hits better than Giambi. He`d be a huge help for the offense. He adds some versatility in that he can play left field (although he`s not good) as well.

Manny Ramirez would aso be a flashy signing. He`s the best hitter available. He`d be expensive but I could see him signing for 3 years which isn't really that bad. The only problem with Ramirez is that he would force Matsui to move to first base. Cashman has said he doesn't want that. Sure, he hits better than Dunn but is the defensive fall-off at first base worth it? The price tag may also cause the Yankees to look at other guys. I`d love to see Manny in pinstripes, however, I find it unlikely.

Bobby Abreu could be back. However, it would, like Manny, force Matsui to move to first base. If he`d take a 2 year deal I couldn't complain. However, I doubt that`ll happen. They`d be best looking at Dunn or Manny.

Derek Lowe

Apparently theirs some other people out their who agree with me in that lowe should be Plan B if Sabathia is unavailable.

Nate McLouth

The Yankees and the Pirates have not yet discussed the possibility of a Nate McLouth trade. I`m very nervous about centerfield next year and McLouth would be perfect.

Abreu wants 3 years

Mark Feinsand claims that Abreu will want at least a 3 year deal this offseason. This just reinforces my plan to offer Abreu arbitration. He will almost definitely decline. Abreu for the three more years? No thanks, he was a great pickup and is very underrated. However, its time to move on.

If we can get him for 2 years and an option or less I might change my mind. However, for three years or more? No thanks.

Rivera Surgery is on Tuesday

RHP Mariano Rivera will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder on Tuesday, October 7. The procedure will be performed by Dr. David Altchek at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

Friday, October 3, 2008

In Retrospect.....

Isn't it weird how everything in baseball is connected? The Yankees traded Juan Rivera and Nick Johnson to the Expos/Nationals for Javier Vazquez. Then they proceded to send Javier Vazquez and Dioner Navarro to Arizona for Randy Johnson. Who was then traded back to Arizona for Ross Ohlendorf, Kevin Whelan, Anthony Claggett, and Steven Jackson. Then Ross Ohlendorf and Jose Tabata were traded to Pittsburgh for Xavier Nady. What happens next?

Yankees Payroll

The Yankees are aiming to push their payroll down to about 180 million dollars. I`m pretty happy about this. They still have enough money to bring in a top free agent or two. I`m sick of hearing about the Yankees payroll from Mets and Boston fans. Maybe some Yankees fans will realize we can't go and sign K-Rod, Sabathia, and Texiera.

Plan B?

The Yankees will almost definitely have to sign a free agent starting pitcher. Obviously, C.C. Sabathia is the best guy available. However, it looks increasingly likely he will not not come to the Yankees. The three other guys who are the most likely options are Ben Sheets, A.J. Burnett, and Derek Lowe.

Ben Sheets has been an ace when healthy. He flat out dominates and could be the true #1 the Yankees would love to get. However, their's two problems with him. First, he`d be coming over from the NL. Second, he`s a HUGE injury risk. This screams of the Carl Pavano signing. Its extremely tempting to go after him. However, ideally I would say no.

A.J. Burnett is probably the most popular of these guys among Yankees fans. He`s pitched in the AL East for the past few years and he`s killed the Yankees and Red Sox. Again though, their`s problems. He`s only slightly less of an injury risk then Sheets and he`s really not been as good. He`s been hyped as an ace which he just isn't. I`m totally against signing Burnett. I think it would be a major mistake.

Derek Lowe is the least hyped of these guys. Nobody would mistake him for an ace but he`s a reliable #3 or #2. He`s had no major injury problems. He`s a ground ball pitcher but he also maintains a very good K/BB. He`s also been through the AL East before. Looking back at his last year in Boston it seems like a disaster. However, his periphereals indicate it was more a lack of luck then a lack of skill.

Their`s pretty much no guarantees for the Yankees rotation next year. Wang should be fine but is coming off of an injury, Pettitte and Mussina may not be back and if they are then they will still be one year older, Hughes/Aceves/Kennedy are certainly no sure things, and I would hesitate to call Joba a sure thing as well. Do you want to gamble on a Ben Sheets or A.J. Burnett as well? I think they need to take the safe bet in Lowe and hope Hughes and Joba can emerge as front end of the rotation starters.

Cano Rumors

Ken Rosenthal mentions that every team with a need at second base is interested in Cano. As I`ve said before, I`d be reluctant to trade Cano, however, it depends on how much he`ll cost.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Going into the offseason one of the Yankees biggest problems to adress will be the hole in centerfield. I was hoping Melky Cabrera could fill the hole and back in April it looked like he would. However, he dropped off and now seems to be a failure. Brett Gardner stepped in to finish the year in centerfield, however, does anyone really trust him and Melky for next year? The offense is getting old and they can't afford to have holes in the lineup. So they can either stick with Gardner/Cabrera, sign a free agent, or trade for a guy. I`ve already said I don't like the first option and the free agent market looks pretty barren. Mike Cameron is the best guy available and he`s a huge injury risk.

So, they`re probably going to have to trade for somebody. Nate McLouth, Matt Kemp, and David DeJesus have all been suggested.

Matt Kemp would be great to get. Cano for Kemp rumors were suggested at the trade deadline and now they`ve been revived. However, they seem unlikely to me. Besides, I`m not sure I`d be willing to give up Cano and other prospects for Kemp.

David DeJesus and Nate McLouth are much better options. They`re not great fielders, however, they can hold their own and, hopefully, Austin Jackson can bump them over to right or left field in 2010. Neither are to old and both are cheap.

Could Kennedy, Wright, Gardner, and Britton get a deal done for either of them? They would be getting two potential starters, an immediate replacement in centerfield, and a solid reliever who, for whatever reason, will never get a shot with the Yankees. I`m just speculating right now and I`d love any thoughts on this trade proposal in the comments section, even if you think I`m a ridiculous homer.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Casey Blake

The Yankees offense is getting old and many of their stars are becoming injury risks. So, rather than trusting Cody Ransom and Wison Betemit, why not sign Casey Blake?

He can play first base, DH, second base, third base, left and right field and hits very well. If they rotated him through these different positions he could easily get into 5 or 6 games a week. He may not like this rotation but if the Yankees gave him an extra few million dollars it should convince him. When they run into an injury they`ll be able to avoid a huge drop-off or a panic trade. I`d be shocked if one of Cano, Damon, Matsui, whoever they sign for first, A-Rod, Jeter, and Nady didn't miss significant time.

The Yankees haev enough money that they can afford to have a good bench. However, for the past few years its been pretty pathetic. Blake would go a long way to solving it.

No Manny?

It seems that Cashman is going to go after a real firstbaseman rather than have Posada, Matsui, or Damon spend time there. This rules out Manny Ramirez. It basically leaves Mark Texiera, Giambi, Adam Dunn, and maybe Raul Ibanez. Of these guys Dunn is probably the best option. I would prefer Ramirez but I can hardly complain about any of those guys.

And Mike Endorses....

The Cubs!

I`m going to be rooting for the Cubs this year in the playoffs. Lets be honest, don't you kind of feel bad for Cubs fans? They`re the last of the teams with a really, really long streak of years without a championship. Boston won and the White Sox won. Now only the Cubs are left.

For some reason I find the White Sox really annoying. Ozzie Guillen is just a moron who was lucky enough to get a great group of players in 2005. If he wins a World Series people will begin considering him for the Hall of Fame. That would be a tragedy for me.

Although I respect the Angels they always kill the Yankees. I`ll root for them in the first round against Boston but that`s it.

The Red Sox are evil incarnate ;). I`m actually rooting for the Angels to beat them.

Tampa would be my next pick after the Cubs but their fans don't deserve a World Series. They don't come the games even now.

I have nothing against the Phillies but nothing for them either. Same thing basically for the Brewers.

I really don't feel like hearing about how Joe Torre went to another team and won a championship proving the Yankees wrong, so that rules the Dodgers out.

But the 8th inning!!!!!111!!!

Just heard on WFAN from Cashman that Joba will start for all of 2009.

I`m really happy about this. When I first heard about the Yankees plan to repeat what they did in 2008 with Joba I was dissapointed. Now we have two slots in the rotation filled.

Playoff Predictions

Here we go, let me know your predictions in the comments:
Angels over Red Sox
Rays over White Sox
Phillies over Brewers
Cubs over Dodgers
Angels over Rays
Cubs over Phillies
World Series
Cubs over Angels

There you have it, the Cubs will end their 100 year drought and win the World Series.