Thursday, January 8, 2009


Boston made two low key moves yesterday that could end up being very scary if they work out. Rocco Baldelli was signed to a one year deal and so was John Smoltz. Baldelli has been covered here in the past. He`s a great gamble for them to take with very little risk. If he works out he could be an impact player fo them. The only positive I can take from this is that its a one year deal.

John Smoltz is another scary guy. It seems like they`re going to throw a few different injury risks to the back end of their rotation with Penny, Smoltz, and Wakefield. Smoltz got a solid contract but if he works out for them he`s going to kill the Yanks. Then again, theirs a good chance that he`d only be part of the five man rotation if somebody else gets hurt.

Both of these could be busts but they also have the potential to be just as big as Sabathia and Teixeira. Well, maybe not quite, but you get the idea.


Nate said...

I think "scary" may be exaggerating. While their nice moves for the Red Sox, Rocco likely won't play more than 100 games, and while Smoltz is still a solid pitcher, he won't be ready until at least May and is a 42 year old pitcher coming off major surgery.

Mike NYY said...

They scare me in that they have the potential to be huge moves. If Baldelli's new diagnosis proves to be more manageable and Smoltz can come back strong they may have a front end rotation starter and nobody knows what Baldelli will do. Same deal with Brad Penny.

All three will probably be busts but at least one will probably stay healthy and who knows?

Nate said...

Alright I agree that they all have decent upside but expecting them to have a huge impact is like expecting to win the lottery.

Mike NYY said...

Yeah, but the prospect of winning the lottery can be pretty exciting, right? The upside is exactly what worries me. Boston has an excellent medical staff and I do expect that one of them will work out and end up being an impact player for Boston. If all three failed completely I`d be surprised.

Mike NYY said...

Smoltz has been the epitome of excellence year in, year out for years. When he is healthy, he is an ace. His stuff is still great and he has not had a year with an ERA over 4 since 1994. I don't know everything about his injury but this is the first time in a long time that he missed signficant time due to injury. Marcel projects him for a 3.73 ERA in 94 innings

Penny doesn't have quite the same track record but before 2008 he was consistently an excellent pitcher. Now that he`s had some time to get healthy he could get back to being his old self. Marcel projects him for a 4.25 ERA in 127 innings.

Baldelli is a complete wild card. Nobody has any idea what to expect but he`s a gamble worth taking. The odds are against all three failing.

Nate said...

Smoltz had labrum surgery, which is serious. Many pitchers his age who injure their labrums retire, and there was speculation that Smoltz was done when he was diagnosed. I totally agree that he can be an ace if healthy, but I think its very unlikely that he is totally healthy at any point this year. I think Penny is a back end starter in the AL east, and a back end starter with injury problems at that. I'm really not scared of him at all.