Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boston's New Approach

Most of you have probably already noticed Boston's fascination in players that get hurt a ton but have great potential. They`ve signed Smoltz, Baldelli, Penny, and now Saito to one year incentive laden deals. Its an interesting contrast to the Yanks approach of going after the big name stars to buy time for their prospects to develop.

Boston spends a lot of money but they spread out their risks. If just one of the four guys I mentioned above work out, Theo will be hailed as a genius. However, if just one of Teixeira, Sabathia, and Burnett fail, people will be calling for Cashman's head.

Here`s what the Red Sox are going to be spending on those four guys:

Penny- 5-8 million
Smoltz- 5-10 million
Baldelli- .5-5.75 million
Saito- 2.5-7 million (club option for 2010)

Total- 13-30.75 million dollars

To make this investment worth it you need to have at least two of these guys stay healthy and produce. Will that happen? Honestly, I doubt it.


Nate said...

Exactly. While they are all pretty smart moves, its not enough to keep up in an offseason where CC, AJ, Tex, and Pat Burell were all signed to other teams in the division

Anonymous said...

They all look nice individually but when you put them together they`re not so great. Unless Theo Espstein knows something we don't...

Nate said...

I doubt it. If he did these moves would have been made earlier, not after they lost out on Tex.