Friday, January 2, 2009

Can Cody Ransom Make It?

Even with all the money spent this year by the Yankees theirs one nagging hole that could end up hurting them. After trading Wilson Betemit it looks like Cody Ransom is going to be our utility infielder. If A-Rod, Jeter, or Cano get hurt then Ransom is going to be an awful hole in the lineup. He did very well in his brief time in the majors but that's a pretty perfect example of what can happen in a small sample size. In the minors he was very mediocore and if exposed with regular playing time, he`s going to be a major problem. They could do worse and he`s better than Betemit but if they could find an alternative it would be a great low-key move.


Andrea said...

I'd rather Cody Ransom than Betemit. I have an intense dislike of Betemit. I'd rather Michael Kaye put on a glove and jump down there than Betemit.

Yankeeboy98 said...

He's much better than Betemit, you kidding me? He hit a home run in his first at-bat at Yankee Stadium and hit a game winning homer in Baltimore.

Plus, he won't get injured that much. Remember how Betemit had pink eye in April, yeah, and in his first at-bat back he pulled a hamstring, and didn't reeturn until like June.

Mike NYY said...

Maybe I wasn't clear in my post. I agree that Ransom is better than Betemit but both suck. My point is it`d be real nice to get a guy who step in for some time without being an automatic out.

Ransom was very mediocore in AAA and other than his flukey time in the ML's, he can't really hit. When you have a 190 million dollars payroll you should have some semblance of a bench.