Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Freddy Garcia?

Apparently, the Yanks and Mets are the two remaining teams competing for Freddy Garcia. Ken Rosenthal says its been narrowed down to the two New York teams. I think this would be exactly the type of move Cashman should be making right now. He`s a low risk, solid reward guy that could give the Yanks the depth they need in the rotation.

I wouldn't guarentee him a spot in the rotation and I`d still try to sign Ben Sheets or Andy Pettitte. However, he`s a good gamble to take. In his limited time last year he was pretty solid and if he could return to his old self he`s exactly what they need.

Not that it'd be a disaster if he went to the Mets but at a cheap price it`d be a nice small move to help.


Bob Ruffolo said...

Freddy to the Mets. It's ok, the Yanks can get Pettitte now.

Anonymous said...

meh no biggie

Woulda been nice but its not a disaster