Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Haha, had you going their for a minute didn't I? No, I didn't suddenly lose my mind but Kevin Kernan has. Yes, THAT Kevin Kernan. So lets see what he has to say.....

NOW that Andy Pettitte is signed, sealed and finally delivered,

Excellent Stevie Wonder reference there. Never heard that one used before.

it's time the Yankees throw a high, hard one at the opposition. Forget about Joba Chamberlain being in the rotation - he needs to go back to the bullpen. From Day 1 of spring training. No ifs, ands or bugs (sic, at least I think so).

YEAH, the first 7 innings suck!!!111!!!

This is a complete reversal for me. Last season, I was adamant that Chamberlain should be in the starting rotation, because that was where he was needed most. That was before CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett signed with the Yankees, and that was when Chien-Ming Wang was injured.

Really? Because for some reason I remember making an obnoxious comment about this......

Signing Perez would cement the Yankees' rotation for years to come and would give them flexibility with Joba Chamberlain.

Kevin, you`re being way to short-sighted. Wang being hurt for a half a year and signing Andy Pettitte to a one year deal is enough to make you swing back and forth on an issue that's going to define the franchise for the next five or six years?

With a top three of Sabathia, Burnett and Wang, and with Pettitte on the back end, Joba is most needed in the bullpen now, especially since Mariano Rivera is coming off shoulder surgery.

This way the Yankees can keep Joba's innings under control,

Or they could just, like, you know do that with him in the rotation.....

and if Rivera needs a little extra time to be ready for the season,

Wuh? Wait, is Kevin Kernan Rivera's doctor?

Chamberlain can be the emergency closer. If Rivera is right for the start of the season, then Chamberlain has the eighth inning

Nope, just blatant speculation on something he knows absolutely nothing about.

and the Yankees are that much more of a force.

Or they could put him in the rotation and have a potentially ridiculous rotation....

An eighth-inning dynamo is much more important to the Yankees now than a back-end starter, and besides, the Yankees have candidates for that fifth spot, including Phil Hughes and Alfredo Aceves.

And then when Burnett or Sabathia get hurt we can re-sign Ponson! Excellent use of the word dynamo though.

There are some people in the Yankee front office who are convinced Chamberlain is best-suited for the bullpen anyway because of his emotional makeup and arm. Many scouts I've talked to say the same thing. In some ways, Chamberlain is like Jonathan Papelbon in makeup and talent. He lives for the competition every night.

When you are a starter, you have four days to kill between starts. When you are in the bullpen, you have to be ready to go every game.

Kevin Kernan is not only a doctor-sportswriter extraordinaire! He`s also a psychologist!

This way Chamberlain can basically be a two-pitch pitcher, slider and fastball. He can mix in the curve, but he does not have to depend upon it as much as a starter, who needs three pitches to work the lineup, and this would mean less stress on his shoulder.

But he has more than just two good pitches.....

Burnett to the bullpen!

Chamberlain can just roll out of the bullpen and be that Raging Bull that Yankee fans have come to love. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, and when you step back and look at the situation now, Chamberlain looks great in the bullpen.

Umm, no it doesn't?

When I asked Brian Cashman about the situation yesterday, he said, "It's not something on our radar. Our plan is that Joba's still a member of this rotation, and that's how he's prepared this winter and that's how he was told to prepare and that what he's excited to do."

In Cash We Trust

Cashman left some wiggle room for a move to the bullpen, saying the Pettitte signing, "Certainly provides Joe Girardi and [pitching coach] David Eiland things to think about as the season unravels."

Has Cashman ever NOT left himself some wiggle room? Seriously, when was the last time he ruled something out?

The Yankees should plan on it now. Joba is the perfect fit for this bullpen.



Mike NYY said...

I swear I have nothing against this guy and I am not following his writing.

Mike NYY said...

I swear I have nothing against this guy and I am not following his writing.

Rob Abruzzese said...

What I don't understand is why everyone hates the Yankees bullpen. They're good. They've got a few people who could contribute. Not to mention Mark Melancon should be with the team by July. They have no need for Joba in the pen. If that weren't the case I could at least understand why people wanted him in the pen. I just don't understand.

Why not move Arod to first base? What we don't need a first baseman? So what, lets move him there anyways.

Mike NYY said...

Well, bullpens can be very volatile. Guys are good one year and bad the next but that's all the more reason to keep Joba out of there