Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ken Rosenthal has a few interesting notes today.
  • First of all, the Yanks are not interested in Juan Cruz and I don't blame them. He`s a tempting target but I`m unwilling to decimate the 2009 draft anymore. Supposedly, its a very deep draft and if the Yanks can go over-slot then they can still get a good prospect. The farm needs rebuilding again. Its down to about average and they need to improve on that. If they trade Swisher or Nady then they might change their minds.
  • The Yanks and M's considered a Matsui-Washburn swap. However, Matsui's contract scared the Mariners away. Probably a good thing anyway. Washburn would have been an upgrade over Ponson last year but now theirs no reason to trade for him.
  • The remaining free agents are getting worried and are considering setting up their own Training Camp for the spring to stay in shape and hopefully get employeed later on. Time is ticking and I`d be pretty nervous right around now if I were I-Rod or Abreu.