Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Time is Coming

By Bob Bagley, consultant on baseball odds

Friday, April 3, 2009 at 7:05 P.M. marks the official first pitch at the brand-spanking new, 1.3 billion dollar Yankee Stadium.

In a pre-season game that evening, and a day-game the next afternoon, the Yankees will officially unveil their new home to thousands of die-hard fans.

No, the opponent won’t be the hated Boston Red Sox. Nor will it be the despised Baltimore Orioles. That would be doing those demons too great an honor. And so, in fairness to (a.k.a. hatred of) all American League teams, the Yankees wandered outside the League to choose a fitting opponent for the one-time-only, never-to-be-repeated occasion… the Chicago Cubs.

Now, just how did the Yankee power-brokers come to such a decision?

Was it the elaborate history between the Yanks and the Cubs? Let’s see… they met in the Bronx for three games during the 2005 interleague series.

But the Yankees have met lots of teams during interleague play… so that’s a non-starter. They swept the Cubs way back when for two World Series titles. But that was back in 1932 and 1938… hardly a reason to select them in 2009.

The 1932 World Series was the background for Babe Ruth’s famous “called shot” off the Cubs pitcher Charlie Root. But that was in Wrigley Field in Chicago… hardly worthy of the honor bestowed on the Cubs at the new Yankee home.

Here’s some simple baseball betting advice... It has to do with a guy named Lou Piniella.

You know… the guy who graced the Yankee outfield for some 11 years. The guy who played on two World Series Champion teams for the Yankees. The guy who managed the Yanks from 1986 to1988.

The guy who has always had the respect of true Yankees… both fans and management. Oh, yeah, one more thing. The guy who was the 2008 National League Manager of the Year. Oops, almost forgot… the current respected manager of… the Chicago Cubs.

Now, that, folks just might be a reason we can all live with!