Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Torre Getting Under Yankees Skin

Joe Torre has written a new book scheduled to be released February 3rd. Titled "The Yankee Years," it is a collaboration with Tom Verducci. In the book Torre, manager of the Yankees at the time, claims that when Alex Rodriguez first joined the Yankees he was referred to by his teammates as "A-Fraud."

Torre claims that A-Rod monopolized all the attention and needed people to make a fuss over him. He further states that after Alex joined the Yanks (in 2004) he changed the feel in the clubhouse due to his craving for attention.

Well… boo-hoo. Let’s get the crying towel out for good ol’ Joe. It seems that Joe is plowing ground that was long ago seeded, tended and harvested. Surely his obsession to make a buck has clouded his principles.

Isn’t this the same Joe Torre who always spoke of the bond between teammates as being a sacred trust that was not to be broken? Is this the new standard by which all players and managers are going to live by? Is it no longer one-for-all and all-for-one?

Can we now expect all former pro-baseball players to air the dirty laundry once they are no longer associated with a particular team?

For true baseball fans there is only one safe response to such trash being published… do not buy the book!

What true fan wants to sit around and read this rubbish from someone he used to respect (or not). A sure baseball bet is that a baseball purist, one who loves the game for the sake of the game, will not reward such a monumentally bad character flaw as exhibited by Joe Torre. All together now (with passion)… DO NOT BUY THE BOOK!

Bob Bagley… baseball odds consultant


Anonymous said...

When I started hearing about this book that's exactly what I thought. However, I don't like taking things out of context. Its pretty dick of Joe to do what he did but wait until you pass judgement

GM-Carson said...

Truth about Jeter- http://morehardball.blogspot.com/2009/01/slow-mo-fast-mo-homo.html