Monday, January 12, 2009

What's Wrong With Pettitte?

This article has been causing a minor controversy in Yankee Universe. I like most everything else the author, John Garcia, has written at the Bleacher Report but this article rivals the Oliver Perez article for shear insanity. So, we`re going to do this FJM style.

Should the Yankees Consider Signing Former Mets and Sox Ace Pedro Martinez?


The Yankees have obviously already added their top two free agent pitching targets in CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, but should they consider adding another?


I mean, their's a guy out there who's first choice (supposedly) is to play for the Yankees. He`s very underrated, will only need a one year deal, and is a lock for 200 solid innings. What kind of idiot wouldn't want Andy Pettitte back?

With Andy Pettitte's decision to turn down their contract offer, the Yankees are still looking for an answer for the last spot in their rotation.

True, they could raise the offer a few million, they could let it stand, they could try and make a play for Derek Lowe or Ben Sheets, they could make a trade, or they could just go with the low risk, high reward option in Hughes, Aceves, and Kennedy.

Youngster Phil Hughes has the best shot from inside the organization, but everyone knows pitching depth is important, especially considering Burnett's injury history and Hughes' ineffectiveness last year.

Also true. Which is exactly why we need a solid dependable anchor at the back of that rotation. Like Andy Pettitte.

Pedro Martinez could be the answer for the Yankees.


Unlike the other pitchers available, Ben Sheets, Oliver Perez, or Andy Pettitte, Martinez would come at a discount with his injuries last few seasons.

It also means he`s probably going to spend most of 2009 on the DL.

Speaking of guys that will come at a discount due to injury, deosn't Ben Sheets fit that description perfectly? He`s been just as dominant as C.C. Sabathia when healthy. The problem with that idea is that it's far to obvious and wouldn't stir up any controversy.

Martinez, 37, would not be expected to return to his Cy Young form which was needed from him with the Mets last season.

I`m nitpicking here but the Mets only missed the playoffs by one game. They didn't need 1998 Pedro. They just needed him to keep them in games and to stay healthy. He couldn't even do that.

The move from Queens to the Bronx wouldn't be a problem for Pedro and a chance to play the Red Sox might be enticing to Boston's former ace.

This sentence could have also been written this way:

The move from the NL East to the AL East wouldn't be a problem for a 37 year old pitcher who hasn't pitched a full season since 2005 and a chance to play the Red Sox would be embarrassing for Boston's former ace.

Pedro isn't what he used to be. He`s not even close. Even if he`s healthy their are no guarentees that he can even pitch. Let alone in the AL East.

Another plus is the Yankees already know he can handle the pressure of New York and a career post-season record of 6-2 with a 3.40 ERA alleviates any post-season worries.

As opposed to noted choke artist Andy Pettitte.....

A Martinez signing to "his daddy" would keep up with Boston's recent signings of former aces John Smoltz and Brad Penny, both also coming off injuries.

This matters?

By the way, I`d take Smoltz or Penny over Pedro easily.

If the Yankees do sign another pitcher, whether it is Martinez or not, it would move Hughes to the bullpen or send him to the AAA-team Scranton to start the season. Other potential starters, Alfredo Aceves and Ian Kennedy, are most likely to start the season in Scranton.


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt give him a guarenttedd spot but as a 6th man....

Sully said...

I'm as big a Pedro fan as you will EVER meet...
And if he signed with the Yankees it would kind of confirm the Yankees obsession with bringing 2004 Red Sox into the fold...

But don't do it Pedro!
Just retire!

It's sad to see my favorite player over his 7 years in Boston pull a Steve Carlton and be a shell of his former self.

Not even a shell