Monday, January 26, 2009

Yanks, Pettitte Agree to Deal

Update (4:40): According to MLBTR the Yankees have signed Pettitte on a one year deal with a guaranteed 5.5 mil that could reach 12 mil with incentives 
By Charlie

Yankees Close to Deal with Pettite 
Remember when the Yankees offered Andy Pettitte $10 million and he rejected it? Well, the Yankees came with a counter offer, and now the two sides are very close to finalizing the deal. However, it is for less guaranteed money than the Yanks originally offered Pettitte. It is reportedly for under $6 million guaranteed, with incentives that could bring the price up to $12 million. I love this move for the Yankees. Pettitte is a reliable innings eater, and allows Phil Hughes, Al Aceves, and Ian Kennedy to start the season in Scranton, which improves our depth.


Mike NYY said...

That's a ridiculous bargain for Pettitte.

Anonymous said...

meh for 5 mil i can live with it