Friday, February 20, 2009


Catcher is a tough position because the value of how they call a game and their arm is so hard to quantify so I usually just go on defensive reputation here.

Yankees- Jorge Posada- After coming off a career year in 2007, Posada was lucky enough to become a free agent and got a contract he never should have gotten. Then last year he missed a huge chunk of the year which ultimately cost them a playoff berth. All signs are pointing toward him spending a lot of time DH'ing. Unfortunately, that means a lot of Jose Molina. He`s still recovering and I doubt his defense will even be the solid average that it has been in the past. I`m sure he`ll bounce back for a solid year and they have some solid prospects waiting in the wings but Posada isn't the player he once was.

Rays- Dioner Navarro- I have covetted this guy ever since the Yankees traded him away for Randy Johnson. Last year he broke out and was a key piece of the Rays success. His bat wasn't outstanding but he had a solid .277 EQA and has a good defensive reputation. He should start entering his peak years now and will only get better. The "problem" with the Rays is that so many of their players are young and entering their best years. Navarro will be a key piece of the Rays for the next few years until he leaves for free agency.

Red Sox- Jason Varitek- Luckily for us, Boston made one of the most purely sentimental moves of the offseason in re-signing Varitek. Varitek has always had a great defensive reputation. He also was one of the best hitting catchers in baseball. However, he`s in the midst of a steep decline. He hasn't lost much behind the plate but as a hitter he`s a ghost of his former self. A line of .220/.313/.359 won't cut it in the AL East. However, Boston must have decided that his fielding and leadership was worth 5 million dollars. Its not a ton to the Red Sox but their is a very real chance that Jason is done.

Conclusion- Rays-Yanks-Sawx- This is actually a relatively weak position for the three teams. The order is pretty clear cut though. If all goes right than Posada might approach Navarro but the fact that he`s not expected to catch a full season pushes him back in my mind. Varitek is very obviously at the back of the pack.


Rob Abruzzese said...

The Yankees do have some serious catching prospects coming up, but I doubt they'll have any impact until 2011.

Mike NYY said...

If Cervelli has a big year and Posada doesn't bounce back the way they`re hoping he can, then he (cervelli) could see some ML time.