Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crazy Idea: Pudge

Right now the Yanks are going into the year with a catcher who I`d be surprised to see catch 100 games. Their only backup is Jose Molina. Molina's OPS over the past three years has been .642, .614, .576. He has an outstanding defensive reputation but its still not enough to overcome his historically bad offensive production. He`s passable if he doesn't have to play much but if Posada goes down again then they`re in big trouble.

Which brings me to my next forgotten veteran, Pudge Rodriguez. After the Yanks managed to get him for Kyle Farnsworth last year, I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, as soon as he hit New York, he stopped hitting. Still, look at his numbers over the past three years, OPS's of .769, .714, and 714. Not great but miles better than Molina. His defense also has a good rep, although pitchers don't like him. If he truly is desperate for a team is it far-fetched to think the Yanks might give him a final shot at a championship?


Charlie said...

I don't see him coming back to NY. I say just give Cervelli a shot.