Monday, February 23, 2009

Girardi To Change His Ways

Unlike the Giradi of old according to Ken Davidoff, Joe is going to try to use a set line-up more:
"I prefer to have a set lineup. I think it works best," Girardi said yesterday after a second straight relatively tranquil practice that was light on the A-Rod. "But sometimes, similar to some of the teams that I was on, you're better if there's some platoon situations, or your bench is extremely strong, or everyone's in the mix, or everyone's healthy. We just have to see how it shakes out." 
The Yankees used 130 lineups last year, and they used their Opening Day lineup - Damon in leftfield, Derek Jeter at shortstop, Bobby Abreu in rightfield, Alex Rodriguez at third base, Jason Giambi at first base, Robinson Cano at second base, Posada at catcher, Hideki Matsui at designated hitter and Melky Cabrera in centerfield - only on April 1. 
"I think he wants the Opening Day lineup to be used five out of seven times," hitting coach Kevin Long said of Girardi. "If we can do that, we're going to be a much better team."