Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Info on the Alex Rodriguez Steroid Scandal

Looks like Canseco was right, A-Rod did use the juice along with 103 other players in 2003. Of course when Canseco pointed the finger it was disregarded, it seems like Jose was just trying to make a quick buck. Remember when he denied it on national television?:

Facts in Report
  • The drug that A-Rod tested positive for is Primobolan which is an expensive anabolic steroid that improves strength. 
  • In '04 the tests were supposed to be random due to more than 5% of the league testing positive the previous year. In the report however Gene Orza, the chief operating officer of the players union, was said to have warned Rodriguez and a few other high profile players that thier test was coming up in 2 weeks.
  • Here is an interesting paragraph straight from the SI article:
Arguments before an 11-judge panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Pasadena are ongoing between government prosecutors and the players' association over the government's seizure of the test results from the Long Beach lab. The agents who collected the material had a search warrant only for the results for the 10 BALCO-linked players. Attorneys from the union argue that the government is entitled only to the results for those players, not the entire list. If the court sides with the union, federal authorities may be barred from using the positive survey test results of non-BALCO players such as Rodriguez in their ongoing investigations.
A-Rod, in the coming years was set to take the tarnished home run throne currently held by Barry Bonds. He was going to set things right, strip Bonds of one of the most coveted titles in baseball and do it all with no enhancement. Even if this report is not true (highly unlikely), A-Rods reputation is forever smeared. He will continue to be one of the best players in baseball, make the big bucks and be loved. This report causes doubt and the only way to clear this doubt is to just come out. Tell the world the truth, denying it will only make things worse. Apologize, say that is the last time you have done it and it was a huge mistake. If A-Rod doesn't try to put things right he is in for a world of hurt.


Mike said...

Not so fast.....
SI is not the most credible media outlet out there and neither is this reporter who is using "anonymous sources"

I highly recommend reading Bronx Daily's (

Would it surprise me if Rodriguez used roids? No.

Is there CREDIBLE PROOF that he did? NO.

Charlie said...

Thats a dead link Mike

if you could post one that works I will gladly look at it

As for the anonymous sources thing

If the sources came out they could lose their jobs and also have legal action taken against them

I am not siding with SI

just analyzing the news as it comes out

Mike said...

Sorry about the bad link, try this:

Charlie said...

That link works

As to my reaction on that article

There were four independent sources thats pretty strong

As for not revealing the sources. If he did no source would ever come to him again knowing that their ID could be compromised at any sign of trouble

Though it is easy to dismiss this report

I think it is truthful (unfortunately)

Mike said...

Now read my blog and get an idea of how I feel about it.

Mike NYY said...

I`m buying the report. Pete Abe made a good post on this. 4 sources means its legit, most articles need only 2.

Mike NYY said...

Do you think this vindicates Canseco? I`m not sure it does. I`m interested in A-Rod's comments. Hopefully, he takes the Pettitte route and owns up to doing it for a short while.

The list may come out soon anyway so if he actually did fail a test and he says he didn't he's screwed. I hope he doesn't jsut ignore it.

Mike said...

I respect your opinion, but as I said, if this did happen it was before his Yankee days.

Bob Ruffolo said...

Thanks for the video!

coffee said...

at this point i can hardly remember whether using steroids in pro sports is illegal or not