Friday, February 20, 2009

My Ticket Bill Has Arrived

Well after an offseason of worrying that I would not get my Yankee ticket plan (which I have had for 11 years) back because of the new stadium. Today however my bill has come and though they moved my seats, I am content. I used to have seats in the back row on the bottom floor of the 3rd base side. Now I have been moved to some of my favorite seats in the ballpark. Section 421, Row 12 seats, 11-14. The upper deck (especially near the middle) gives a great view of the entire field. Also people up there are just all around funnier. Here is an idiot proof map:

For a 15 game saturday plan (4 seats) the total is $1,525.  
View from Old Seats:

View From New Seats:

Did I get swindled: Yes
I just want to have tickets in the new ballpark but I do not condone what the Yankees are doing to the loyal little guy.


Mike said...

You're lucky.

Check out what happened to my friend:

Charlie said...

Ouch, my old seats were around where her old ones were. In comparison I only got moved up to the upper deck and I am paying a lower price.

Everyone is getting screwed!

I can only hope that the new stadium's upper deck to be as good as the old one's.

Charlie said...

Best of luck to your friend, she deserves relocation!