Saturday, February 21, 2009

Previewing the Minors: Scranton's Pitching

Scranton's pitching rotation could get very crowded this year, especially if the major league rotation stays relatively healthy. The opening day rotation will likely be Kei Igawa, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Al Aceves, and Phil Coke. Four of those guys (guess which ones) have some big league promise and could definitely see some time in New York. However, George Kontos and Eric Hacker could both be worthy of some time in Scranton. Also, don't forget about Alan Horne, who will likely start the year somewhere warm (Tampa or extended ST) to rehab, but afterwards should be ready for AAA. They will all probably get a chance when one of the four guys I mentioned before get called up to New York either to fill in for an injured starter or to help out in the bullpen. The AAA bullpen should also be solid. Mark Melancon will likely start the year there, though he likely won't stay long. JB Cox should be there too, as will David Robertson. Steven Jackson had a solid year last year, and needs to prove he can cut it in the big leagues. Guys who had good years in Trenton last year and should see time in AAA are Zach Kroenke (24) and Anthony Claggett (23)