Monday, February 2, 2009

Remaining Free Agents

Theirs still a few big names left on the market. Not only big names, guys that are still big players. To kill time in a slow month, here's a list of the top three:

1) Manny Ramirez- This one was harder for me than you`d expect. Ben Sheets would be ahead but his injury may be worse than us humble fans know. Manny is a machine with the bat. His asking price is a little high though for somebody of his age. His defense also heavily deflates his value. I think he ends up with the Dodgers. They`re just bidding against themselves anyway. The Giants aren't serious and he`d never go to Washington. He`s still going to be overpaid though.

2) Ben Sheets- In my opinion, he would have been a much better signing than A.J. Burnett. When he`s healthy he`s devestating and is coming off a great year in which he actually managed to stay healthy. His injury history isn't much worse than Burnett's either. The problem with Sheets is his bad timing. Right before the playoffs last year he got hurt. Now theirs rumors he may settle for a one year deal.

3) Orlando Cabrera- Some of you may be shocked to see my Adam Dunn fetish ignored for once. However, Cabrera's offense at shortstop is pretty good, probably above average and when you combine that with his great glove he`s got a lot of value. Why is he being ignored? I really have no idea. Maybe its just that defense is getting ignored in what's becoming a trend in baseball. Whoever signs him will be getting a bargain.


Nate said...

Calling Cabrera's offense pretty good is a bit of a stretch (.322 lifetime OBP, .318 wOBA) but I am surprised he hasn't been picked up.

Charlie said...

Put Adam Dunn up there before I kick you off of this BLOG!!!!

Mike NYY said...

He`s had EQAs of .271, .274, and .262 the past few years. From a SS that's fine. Combine that with excellent defense and he`s a very valuable player.

I love Adam Dunn just as much as the next mother's basement dweller but his glove is pretty awful and takes away from his value. I have Hudson and Dunn very close though.

Mike NYY said...

BTW I like the new format. I`ve been meaning to shoot you guys an e-mail about it.

Charlie said...

Why thank you Mike NYY

Can you email me

I have a few questions to ask you

and I forgot your email