Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I`ve been putting this off as long as I could but I guess yesterday's press conference can't be ignored forever. Again, we`re seeing typical reactions from typical sources. ESPN and WFAN have been flaming the guy while certain blogs are heaping praise on him. All in all, I think he did alright but some parts didn't quite satisfy me and I don't think we`ve heard the last of this story.

I respect him for admitting he used steroids rather than fruitlessly trying to fight it and turning into a distraction the rest of the year. I`m buying the fact that he only cheated from 2001-2003. However, some of the details bothered me.

Two of the things that were disappointing were the opening statement, which came across as insincere, and the lack of follow up questions. Follow up questions were a key to this thing and they blew it on that one. His excuse for his claim that Selena Roberts had broken into his house was weak and I doubt that he truly didn't know the effects of the drugs he was using. The contradictions with the Gammons interview were to common for me to trust his word anymore.

Alex has lied a lot and as a former fan of him I can't really defend him anymore. The Yankees need him to hit if they`re going to make the playoffs and I have very little doubt that he will. I also think that one of these years he`s going to have a big "clutch" postseason that people can't ignore. By the end of his career, when he has all the records people will look back at this as a speed bump in a long, historic career. However, again, like many of his former fans, I feel betrayed and disappointed by his actions. Clearly, he`s been lying to himself about what he did and the apology was welcome, it just wasn't a full apology.