Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rodriguez Has Team's Support

As expected, the Yankees are not going to turn their back on A-Rod just yet. Girardi had some things to say today concerning Rodiguez:
"I think it shows the unity of the club, and I think that's real important," Girardi said Sunday. "I think it's important that teammates back teammates, and they're there for each other, and they know during difficult times they can lean on each other. Because, you know what? There's going to be something else that comes up this year that's difficult maybe for a player to get through."
"I don't think dread is the word that I would necessarily use, but let me tell you I'm really looking forward to getting beyond Tuesday," Girardi said. "I think it will linger a little bit, I think like Andy's did in a sense, and maybe to a little larger magnitude just because people stay around for a little bit. Everyone can't stay around forever. There's other stories in the world -- hopefully fairly quickly."(ESPN)
Joe is just trying to handle this problem and get back to playing baseball.