Thursday, February 12, 2009

A-Rod's Legacy

Way back in 2004 Alex Rodriguez was traded to the Yankees in, essentially a salary dump, for Alfonso Soriano. Since then the ups and downs have been well documented. Theirs always been a large contingency of Yankees fans who despised the guy. However, never was he thought to be a steroid user. Now of course, this isn't true anymore and even his defenders have to question him.

Their's still many questions about all this. Did he lie about other stuff in the Gammons interview? Personally, I`m not buying everything he said. The most important bit is if he never used before or after Texas. If we find out he lied about that to, or if he fails another test, then he's done. Nobody could possibly respect the guy after that and he can kiss the Hall of Fame goodbye. However, their's still a chance for him to recoup, at least, the respect he had before the Sports Illustrated article.

First of all, he can`t ever be linked to PED's again. If he gets caught lying and cheating again he's done. If he thought the boos were bad before..... He also needs to have a good year this year. It doesn't have to be like 2005 or 2007 but 2004 or 2006 won't cut it. Last year's performance would suffice. That also means he needs to hit in the clutch. The first time he strikes out with the bases loaded and two outs he`s going to get killed. A few postseason heroics would also go a long way to helping. Can his legacy still be saved? I think so but he can't afford any more mistakes.


Charlie said...

I don't believe that he "didn't know" what he was taking. Every professional athlete knows what is put in their body. There is a lot of stuff in his interview that was very loosy goosy and I didn't believe.

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