Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jorge Says "It's Good to be Back"

Jorge is spending his spring training trying to get his arm ready for opening day. Yankee fans are wondering weather Jorge will come back strong after his shoulder surgery. Gunning down 3 of 4 base-runners sunday, Posada's throws were strong. He came out of the game saying: "Now you know you can trust your arm again,".

The Yanks want Jorge behind the plate for around 100 games this season. As opposed to last year when runners ran wild Posada says he has returned: "You can't compare what I was feeling last year, I couldn't do that. I couldn't make three throws like that. It's good to be back."

While this all sounds good that doesn't mean that Girardi is letting his guard down: "I'm going to look at his arm strength, and I'm going to watch him throw in between innings to see," Girardi said. "If I'm [an opposing] manager, I'm not going to send some of my slower players just to see. But in a sense, he's probably going to be tested." image