Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Never Trust Brian Cashman

Cash has a bit of a reputation for dishonesty and I`m not buying it when he says the Yankees aren't looking to replace A-Rod. Hours after Cash made those comments we're hearing about possible interest in Mark Lorretta


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I wouldn't call it dishonesty. He's trying to keep whatever leverage he has. If he just came out and said that he's trying to trade for a 3rd baseman then automatically teams are going to expect more out of him.

He's not lying to people just because he's a dick or anything.

Jersey Hardball said...

I just think it's funny when he claims they aren't looking to get a replacement for AROD. Anyway i think Loretta would be a great fit, he'd be a huge lift for the Yanks even when AROD returns the guy can play any infield position while putting up a solid .280+ batting average.