Monday, March 9, 2009

News and Notes

  • Cory Lidle's family is suing the plane manufactures for a cool 45 million
  • No Surprises in A-Rod's surgery.
  • Pettitte looked good in his spring debut; though the Yankees lost to the Jays 6-2
  • Brett Gardner is ripping it up.
  • The Yankees offensive projections are looking very good:
    1. Best lineup: 5.72 runs per game
    2. Probable lineup: 5.64 runs per game
    3. Worst lineup: 5.42 runs per game
    4. Regressed lineup: 5.05 runs per game


    Jay Ballz said...

    I feel badly for the Lidle family. I think Yankees paid out what was left on Lidle's contract at the time of the tragedy, right?

    GM-Carson said...

    I had a fantasy team a few seasons ago named Knob Chuck's Blauch.