Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have to double check but I think this is the last position for this series. Then I have to go back and do the 3rd starters, a post for the bullpen, and an overview of the teams in general.

Yankees- Xavier Nady/Nick Swisher- To me its obvious that Nick Swisher deserves the starting job here. He's simply better in all facets of the game. However, it looks like the Yanks will go with Nady in order to justify giving up Jose Tabata. Not that you won't see a lot of Swisher, of course. Both of them are solid players though. Swisher is a borderline star player who is a well above average corner outfielder and a great hitter (usually an EQA around .300). Nady is also a solid player though. His defense isn't bad, he's generally been around average in rightifield. He's also a decent hitter. Other than last year he's consistently hit around a .270 EQA.

Red Sox- J. D. Drew- Boston got a lot of criticism when they signed Drew to a big contract a few years ago. So far, its been a mixed bag with Drew. On one hand, he's flashed incredible potential. His glove is definitely a plus and nobody doubt his ability to crush the ball. However, his weakness has always been his injuries. He's been plagued with them and it really kills his value. He already has had back and hand problems this spring and they're definitely going to need a good fill-in. When they traded away Coco Crisp they lost that.

Rays- Gabe Gross- Gross is one of the weaker players on the Rays. Nothing about him seems to really stand out. He was decent with the bat after being acquired by the Rays. However, not much more than that. He's never really been a full-time starter until last year and its obvious why. Luckily for him, he seems like a very good fielder. From what I've read he seems good and his numbers are also great. He's not a terrible player but his bat is weak for a rightfielder.

Conclusion- Yankees- Red Sox- Rays- I went with the Yankees first here on the guess that they'll end up with Swisher starting by the end of the year. Drew's injury risk hurts his value a lot and Gross really isn't in the same league as the other two. If Nady's career year turs out to be the start of a new trend then that'd be fantastic and gives the Yankees and even bigger edge.