Thursday, March 5, 2009

A-Rod Really Injured

Now it looks like A-Rod will not only miss the WBC, he will also miss April and possibly more. Obviously, having Cody Ransom or Angel Berroa replacing Alex Rodriguez is not a viable option. Berroa has been very consistently awful in recent years and I have very little faith in Ransom. An long-shot for the job could be Eric Duncan and right now I bet the Yanks wish they invited him to Spring Training. Still, I`d be shocked if he won the job.

The only free agent out there is Mark Grudzielanek. He's decent and I couldn't complain if they signed him but I`d aim a little higher. Personally, I`d still like to see them trade for Martin Prado. A while back I suggested trading Nady for a package involving him and it still makes sense. The Braves still would like another outfield bat and Nady, coming off a career year, can supply it. Prado is young, a solid hitter, and a good defender. When Alex comes back, Prado can play a few different positions and can act as the super-utility man.

Or we could get really crazy and stick Teixeira at third and Swisher at first but I doubt that happens.