Sunday, March 8, 2009

Surgery or Rest?

The question dominating Yankeeland right now is whether Alex Rodriguez should opt for surgery or just try rest and recovery. This reminds me of a similar question last year with regards to Jorge Posada. I`m leaning towards the surgery option. Missing A-Rod for four months is going to hurt, no doubt about it. However, theirs a few reasons why I'd go for that
  1. When he comes back in July he'll be at full strength. The rest/rehab option won't solve the problem, it'll just lessen it. He'll still have it as a nagging injury and won't hit the way we need him to.
  2. He's a long term investment. A-Rod has to be good for a very long time to justify his crazy contract. He spent some time on the DL last year as well and they can't take many risks with him. They should just take of the problem right away and put it behind them.
  3. They have other options. They were already considering trading Nady or Swisher. Now, they actually have a need at third base to be filled.
  4. Rest/rehab might fail. Like with Posada, do you really want to see him play through the pain for a while, only to have him get the surgery anyway?