Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bullpen Blows It

The only way to desribe today's game is a let down. After the weeks of hype for this game, anything short of Ruth rising from the dead would have been a let down but this was pretty bad. Sabathia certainly didn't look great but he grinded (ground?) it out for almost six solid innings and exited with a 1-1 tie intact. His control clearly wasn't there but he managed to get by and you can't blame him for the loss.

The offense couldn't come through in a big spot either. After inning after inning of having RISP they didn't get a run until Posada hit the first homer in the New Stadium. They stranded a ridiculous number of runners on base and choked time after time. The bullpen was really at fault for this loss though. Their was no way the offense was going to make up the nine runs that the incredible tandem of Damaso Marte and Jose Veras. Right now I really pine for the days of Kyle Farnsworth. On the bright side, David Robertson looked really good and Edwar Ramirez was solid.

Its just one game but its wasn't a good start at the new stadium.