Saturday, April 18, 2009

Checking in on Eric Duncan

The story of Eric Duncan is familiar to most fans by now. The Yankees first round pick a few years ago burst onto the scene as the sole bright spot in the Yankees farm system. He had an incredible year in the Arizona Fall League once and seemed like the Yankees future third baseman. However, the native New Yorker's star has fallen far. He's had a few weak, injury filled years. He's also been bounced around the field. After starting out as a third baseman, he moved to first. Then the word was he was trying out the outfield. He didn't even get an invite to Spring Training this year.

He didn't even make most top prospects lists. However, with A-Rod's injury and Teixiera's wrist troubles, their seems to be opening for him. Cody Ransom has been about as bad as you can be as well. Clearly, the Yankees would like a better bat in that spot. Meanwhile, Duncan has been raking in AAA. Granted, its only been 6 games for him but he's hitting .364/.440/.500. Why not try and catch lightning in a bottle for a few weeks with Duncan? If he hits then it would at least boost his trade value. If he doesn't, then they don't lose anything. Its not like Cody Ransom is crushing the ball. Just a wild thought.