Sunday, April 26, 2009

Comic: Red Sox Sweep

After a two long painful losses the Red Sox swept the series today in a 4-1 win over the bombers. In other the games the losses were mostly a product of the bullpen. Today however a lack of run support cost us the game. When Brett Gardner drives in your only run you know you're in trouble. The Red Sox had a big 5th inning and the Yankees could not answer. Pettitte pitched well and seemed to be the bearer of bad luck. 2 errors by Angel Berrora caused the 5th inning to unravel into a disaster. Cano's face says it all (right). The bottom line is that Yankees deserved to lose. With a grand total of 35 runners left on base in the series. It's the worst to be swept by Boston but we have to move on and focus on the upcoming series with the Tigers.

An interesting side note: Jeter tied Mickey Mantle for the Yankees record of 8,102 career at bats when he struck out in the 7th.

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