Saturday, April 25, 2009

Injury Updates

Let's just pretend yesterday never happened, okay?

Let's not all rush to crucify Girardi, Bruney was unavailable. His headed back to New York for an MRI. Unfortunately, he needs to have his elbow checked out which is never a good sign.

Ransom had a rare good game and of course, now he's hurt. He has a tear or something in his quad which sounds pretty bad. I doubt he'll be back before A-Rod and if his replacement plays well then he might not see a ML roster for a long time. More on this later.

Wang has been sent to the 15 day DL. They're calling it weakness in the hips which just means rehab. I'm not buying that though. It seems kind of obvious he's just not ready to face ML hitters and needs some time to get back into shape. Hopefully, that all their is. Phil Hughes would have been the clear choice for a callup anyway but he's pitching to the tune of a 1.86 ERA down there so far. Aren't you glad we signed Andy Pettitte now?

Update 12:06- According to Pete Abe the word from Scranton is that Mark Melancon is on his way to Fenway. This is not good news for Bruney.

Update 12:14- Berrora has been called up for Ransom and Robertson has been called up to take CMW's spot.